Brother: “3D printing grabs headlines, not consumers”

3D printing has been dominating the headlines within the print industry for quite some time now – and it’s not without reason, of course.

Here at Printerbase, we have even covered some of the incredible – and almost unbelievable – developments in technology within the field.  From those stories that we have discussed, it is clear that there is no doubt about 3D printing’s potential becoming one of the most symbolic advancements in technology that we have seen – not just in the print industry, either!

However, to come at it from a different angle, the technology itself is only in its very early stages and, while it may have some impressive intentions, more work is most certainly needed.

This is something that Brother’s Managing Director, Phil Jones, has looked at when sharing his thoughts on the trends we expect to see more of in 2014.

Regarding 3D printing, he said: “There’s a high degree of technical capability needed in current application software, so the consumerisation of the technology in terms of mainstream penetration will evolve.

“In 2014, vertical markets and specialised bureaus will emerge and develop as the technology goes through the growth curve, which is currently sitting around 60% in Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) units.

“The sector is estimated to be worth in excess of €2.5bn by 2017, indicating the importance of this as a future sector.”

Some valid points, I’m sure you’ll agree – highlighting that, although we’re at the beginning of the 3D print revolution, it will be vital in the future, with important steps to be taken next year.