Toners, Inks and Consumables (11)

What is CMYK?

How much will a machine cost to run?

How much do I have to pay for replacement consumables/parts?

Can I still print using black if the colour toner has run out?

Do consumables dry up?

What is toner?

What brands are best for vibrant output?

What is Solid Ink?

What is a gel printer?

What is GSM or g/m2?

What is the maximum GSM that laser printers will accept?

Printer Technology (32)

Why is there a vertical line down the page when I’m printing?

Is my printer Wi-Fi compatible?

Why are there dots on my page when I print?

Why is the paper jamming in the machine?

Will my operating system support this printer?

How can I find out the total cost of ownership for my printer?

Should I choose Laser or Inkjet?

How do I choose my printer?

Why is my printer smoking / steaming?

How do I connect my printer using AirPrint?

What is a wide format printer?

Does my printer come with a USB cable?

Why can’t I scan to network?

Why can’t I scan to my PC?

What brands are best for a matte finish?

Why do my photos look poor?

Why is my printer taking so long?

How do I install paper trays?

What are the media restrictions with paper trays?

What is a dot-matrix machine?

What is a solid ink/wax printer?

What is a gel printer?

What is a thermal printer?

Can I print A4 on my A3 machine?

What is dpi?

What is bit depth?

What is a RIP?

What is the difference between a USB, parallel, serial and network printer?

What is a WiFi printer?

What is a mono printer?

What is a duplex printer?

What is secure print?

Other (15)

What is my warranty?

Do you offer credit accounts?

How long will my delivery take?

Why can’t I locate my printer when I go to install it?

Can I come to your office to buy a printer?

What courier services do you use?

What time do the courier services delivery up to?

What if I miss the delivery?

What if I want to return the item?

Can I request a print sample on printers?

Do you accept PayPal?

Am I able to pick up goods today?

Where is my invoice?

Is the delivery free?

What does backorder mean?

4 Replies to “FAQs”

  1. I bought Brother wireless LN (ADS-1100W) less than one year. Today I try to use it again, and found the Brother website indicates this type of scanner has been replaced with Brother ADS-1200A4 Mobile document Scanner.
    Dose it mean my new scanner is a wasted useless one now? How this happened?
    What I should do with the scanner and legal receipt?
    In my computer all programs, I can not find out Brother scanner icon.

    Please answer. This is really hurt and annoying.

    1. Hi Ruth,

      The ADS-1100W scanner has been discontinued – but you can still use it.

      All tech products are eventually discontinued as new technology replaces the old, however it doesn’t make the older products unusable.

      I hope this helps.

      Many thanks,

  2. Do you ship internatinally?

    1. Hi Rico, thanks for getting in touch.

      Unfortunately not except for a couple of exceptions. You can find our delivery terms and conditions here – https://www.printerbase.co.uk/free-delivery-terms

      The Printerbase Team

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