Epson taking calculated approach to 3D printers

Epson are synonymous with printers – it’s often one of the first brands that come to mind when you think about purchasing a new device for the home or office.

That kind of recognition within the world of print made Epson’s focus on wearables at CES 2014 all the more surprising.  Not only that, but some were left even more shocked when the manufacturer announced that they won’t be entering the 3D printers market  – not just yet, anyway.

It was widely suggested that Epson will soon be giving 3D print a go, as it were – and, in turn, significantly bringing down the price with basic models aimed at everyman.

However, Epson president, Minoru Usui, has made it clear that they won’t be entering the market just yet: “We are developing our own printers, but our aim is to change everything. When it comes to 3D printing… we want our machines to make anything.”

There are genuine reasons behind this decision, though, as Epson consider the technology, although impressive, not quite ready yet.  Particularly in terms of what they want to do in the future when they eventually do make their move into 3D printers.

Mr Usai summed up his company’s thoughts on 3D printers when he said that “not many people need to print a plastic figure” – perhaps he is right?

Rather than rush in and try to make an impact instantly, it seems that Epson are taking a more calculated approach – working hard on the technology behind the scenes, so they can print “anything”.

Whenever Epson decide to make their 3D print bow, it is certainly something that many will be keeping an eye on – including everyone here at Printerbase!