Brother Back to School

No More Lost Uniforms With Brother’s Label Printer And Fabric Tape

There are few things as frustrating in parenthood as kitting your kids out with expensive uniform and watching them come home without it.

At Printerbase we have the ultimate solution… Brother fabric tape.

With a Brother PT-H110 Handheld Labelling Machine and a role of iron-on label tape, you can name your children’s possessions with ease and speed.

Even when your precious little ones misplace their coat/jumper/left football sock, you’ll be reassured by the fact that it’s clearly labelled so it has a better chance of finding its way home.

What can you label with Brother fabric tape?




Pencil cases


Pencil Case




PE kits


PE Kits

Much, much more!

No-sew school labels

Life is busy. That’s why Brother Fabric Tape is the iron-on label solution that takes just minutes to apply. No need for needle and thread here.

Choose your text

Ideal for families large and small. You can choose and amend the text you’d like on your fabric labels making this machine perfect for branding up the whole brood.

Perfectly sized prints

Portable and incredibly easy to use, the Brother PT-H110 can print labels up to 12mm in width – the perfect size for child-sized clothing – while the built-in cutter gives you an accurate label length.

Next day delivery

Get ready in time for September by ordering your label printer and tape with free next working day delivery as standard from Printerbase.

Home organisation

As well as getting the kids ready for the new school year, by using alternative tape you can also use the Brother PH-H110 to organise the home – label DVDs, pencil cases, games, storage boxes and more.

Once you get your hands on the Brother PT-H110 Label Printer you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.

Did you know we sell stationery too?

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