ProDesk3D: the world’s first full colour 3D desktop printer

This week, botObjects have announced the very first full-colour 3D Desktop Printer for both home and businesses.

This very exciting development brings a whole new level to the current buzz surrounding 3D printing, with an out-of-box complete machine that you can simply plug into the mains, install on your computer and start – no complex setup, much like a normal printer.

botObjects have revolutionised the world of 3D printing, offering a system with compact engineering within a sleek, cutting-edge design – it’s also environmentally-friendly thanks to the re-usable cartridge system.

According to botObjects official website, “the ProDesk3D offers breakthrough innovation, with seamless software integration, to deliver a true full color experience at an affordable price, with great accuracy and speed, delivered in an easy-to-use experience”

They also give some insight into how this incredible machine works, which is much more simple than you’d first assume:

“To support your printed 3D objects, the ProDesk3D delivers a PVA-based Support Material via our proprietary Dual-Extruder head. Now the most complex 3D designs can be printed with ease. Our Support Material does not require a messy finishing set or any chemicals to complete your design.”

If you’d like more information on the ProDesk3D Printer, then check out botObjects’ site here.