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Disney and MakieLab reveal 3D printing partnership

Walt Disney have continued their venture into the world of 3D printing by teaming up with MakieLab to create merchandise.

MakieLab, a 3D-printed doll designer, have started to sell doll outfits that feature patterns of Disney’s Minnie Mouse and Maleficent.

However, there is more to it than that – and that’s where the 3D printing side comes into play.

With MakieLab, a child can go onto the website, choose their doll design and then start to customise it – hair, eye colour, skin tone and clothing.  The chosen design is sent to MakieLab, who then 3D-print the doll on a large, industrial 3D printer, dress it and send it out.

Not only that, but MakieLab, who are based in London and L.A, also have plans to personalise Star Darlings merchandise, which is a new Disney brand.

Disney Chief Strategy Officer, Kevin Mayer, has described 3D printing as “a future technology that’s going to be important to us as a company.”

There is real evidence that Disney believe this to be true, too, with personalised products selling extremely well in stores and theme parks.  3D printing takes that up a notch, offering a much more detailed level of personalisation that can be customised and delivered straight to the home.

Disney’s use of 3D printing technology is likely to grow and grow – watch this space!

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