Ways to Save on Print Costs

Printing can be costlier than you potentially realise. Especially if the time and care isn’t invested into managing your print setup properly and efficiently. In doing so though, there are lots of ways you can drastically cut and save on print costs and therefore, overall office costs.

Pick the right printer

Picking the right printer can ultimately save you a lot of costs in the long run.

Picking the right printer

Energy Savers – There are lots of energy saving printers with a range of energy saving modes out there and if you’re looking to save on costs and keep your office green then make sure you pick one of these. Samsung have a host of energy saving features across their range.

Laser – Whilst laser printers come with a more expensive initial cost, they’re cheaper to run than inkjet printers overall with the cost-per-page making them much more economical.

Consumable Costs

High-yield – If you have a printer that can take high-yield toners, then you can significantly save on your consumable costs thanks to the ability to get more pages from your ink over their standard yield counterparts.

Print less in colour – Printing purely in black and white or greyscale will drastically cut your costs and wastage. Especially when your employees are printing unnecessarily in colour!

Energy saving features – You should also look out for power save modes on your printer, specifically toner power save modes. For example, some Samsung printers have a ‘Toner Save Mode’ that will save you plenty of costs on the ink you use.

What else?

Duplex printing – Certain printers have duplex printing (double-sided printing), which will help to limit your paper wastage as prints will be printed on both sides of a piece of paper.

Waste – Countless pages and ink will be wasted due to errors, accidental prints, incorrect use of features and much more. Proofing work, investing in printers with securer print features and a general stricter approach to monitoring what’s printed will surprisingly cut your print costs in many areas.

Print Preview – Make sure you double check how your document will look before you hit print. Reformatting your work to ensure it fits onto less pages if possible reduces excess waste and paper costs.

These are just a few of the things you can do to reduce the print costs in your office. Make sure you use these and any of your own methods to start paying more attention to the printing in your office.

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Why Buy a Fujitsu Scanner?

Digital transformation has been around a while but it is only really just starting to come to the thinking and realisation of small and medium sized businesses who are looking at ways of becoming more efficient, working smarter and saving money. Enter, the Fujitsu scanner range.

Fujitsu ScanSnap SP-1130

Take a look at just some of the advantages you and your business could capitalise on by moving over to a dedicated Fujitsu scanner.

Save Money – Document scanning eliminates the need to maintain paper based filing systems. This reduces the costs associated with filing, archiving and long-term storage of paper records.

Productivity Gains – Studies have shown that employees spend twenty percent of their day searching for information. Using document management software, users can access decision making information in seconds, saving time and improving productivity.

Collaboration – Many document scanning systems integrate with business applications allowing faster access and the ability to share information in real-time.

Easy Organisation – Electronic documents can be organised much faster, better, and more easily than paper documents. In addition, finding, viewing, and sharing electronic documents can be achieved with unprecedented speed and ease.

Smarter Working – The proliferation of mobile technologies and the ability to scan and view directly to either smart devices, via a cloud service or via a network means more efficient ways of working can be adopted enabling you to build a business around your employees rather than the other way around.

Free Your Space – Space has become an expensive asset. Save time and money on expensive office relocation’s and free your space and make the paperless office dream a reality.

Disaster Recovery Planning – Would your customer’s business cope in the event of a fire or flood? Can they afford to lose those valuable documents if they are filed incorrectly after use? Document scanning allows them to keep a set of their records on CD or DVD in another location or office or in the cloud to reduce the risk of losing their valuable information to natural disasters.

Deterioration of Quality – When information is currently on paper there is a problem of deterioration of the original page. Paper can fade over time and be torn through excessive use, while a scanned image will not fade or deteriorate and is easily accessible.

Efficient Retrieval – Enables access to important information from a desk. It can be shared through offices and other branches saving time and money on physical page retrievals, copying and faxing.

Legal Admissibility – General opinion is that scanned images are likely to be admissible in court, with the same weight as of evidence as photocopies which are considered as secondary evidence. There is a potential reduction in the weight of evidence if the authenticity of the copy is questioned (e.g. if a signature is being disputed).

Document and Records Retention – Records need to be retained not only for the purposes of business use, but also to meet legal and regulatory obligations. For example, in the UK, Acts like Sarbannes Oxley and The Companies Act 1985 (Section 221) requires companies to keep accounting records sufficient to give a “true and fair view of the state of the company’s affairs and to explain its transactions.” It also requires adequate precautions to be taken against falsification of records and to discover any falsification that occurs.

Recent legislation directives are really becoming focussed on the virtues of operating a digital workplace, embracing mobility and collaboration.

Equally digitised and searchable content allows a public-sector body to respond to Freedom of Information requests promptly and within permissible time limits.

Greener – Scanning is a paperless process, and often there is no environmental cost when documents are distributed electronically. If documents are scanned less paper is wasted, transport of documents is reduced and the amount of landfill used is reduced. Reducing paper, its transport and the amount of bleaches used in recycling benefits the environment.

Customer Satisfaction – Response times are reduced, information is available in seconds from a computer, remote locations and global business offices are connected and able to respond to customer needs faster and more efficiently.

Check out the Fujitsu scanner range now.

Reap the Rewards with HP

When you shop with HP, you’re guaranteed a wide variety of benefits from high-quality products and excellent promotions to a low total cost of ownership and a company that’s truly concerned with being friendly to the environment.

HP Logo

HP’s low total cost of ownership can go unnoticed but should be taken seriously. Their waste-reducing, cost-effective inks and toners ensure that you get the most from your ink and the prints resulting in an overall saving, even if the initial outlay may be slightly more expensive.

HP’s tests showed that, on average, you will get over 50% more pages than non-original ink cartridges that were tested. Plus, you get even more bang for your buck when you buy multi-packs or high-yield cartridges. Finally, if you couple this with HP’s revolutionary PageWide Technology you’ll get best-in-class total cost of ownership, excellent print quality, exceptional security and an office that’s energy efficient.

On top of this, HP have an extensive and rigorous environmental scheme, with their ‘Planet Partners’ program leading the way. HP Planet Partners is HP’s pledge to help make the world a greener place through a number of initiatives including their Return and Recycle program, which allows for the simple recycling of HP printer supplies, any brand of computer hardware and rechargeable batteries.

 – HP has recycled 682 million cartridges from 60 countries
 – 80% of original HP ink cartridges contain recycled content
 – 100% of original HP toner cartridges contain recycled content

HP Planet Partners

All of this and now couldn’t be a better time to take advantage of HP’s excellent range of products thanks to cashback, warranty and numerous other promotions. In particular, HP’s excellent value toner can save you up to £100. Simply –

Buy 3 colours (CMY) or a colour tri-pack & 1 black toner receive £50.
Buy 3 colours (CMY) or colour tri-pack & black dual pack or 2 black cartridges receive £100.

View the full range of HP printers.

Fujitsu Scanners V MFPs

Multifunction devices are great and deliver a variety of functions at decent quality. However, there are many reasons why you may now require a dedicated document scanner rather than relying on your multifunction device.

Home / Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 A4 Sheetfed Scanner Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 A4 Sheetfed ScannerHover to zoom Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 A4 Sheetfed ScannerFujitsu ScanSnap iX500 A4 Sheetfed ScannerFujitsu ScanSnap iX500 A4 Sheetfed ScannerFujitsu ScanSnap iX500 A4 Sheetfed ScannerFujitsu ScanSnap iX500 A4 Sheetfed ScannerFujitsu ScanSnap iX500 A4 Sheetfed ScannerFujitsu ScanSnap iX500 A4 Sheetfed ScannerFujitsu ScanSnap iX500 A4 Sheetfed ScannerFujitsu ScanSnap iX500 A4 Sheetfed ScannerFujitsu ScanSnap iX500 A4 Sheetfed ScannerFujitsu ScanSnap iX500 A4 Sheetfed ScannerFujitsu ScanSnap iX500 A4 Sheetfed Scanner  Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500


In today’s multi-connected world, businesses are finding that to become more efficient and productive they need to embrace the digital revolution and merge their paper based records with their digitally born files. Being digital allows for greater collaboration not just between staff members who may be in the office, in the field or home-based but also to clients who may be demanding faster decision making and access to their files, reports or records. Fujitsu scanners allow for scanned documents to be instantly shared across the cloud or a network and viewed across a variety of platforms such as tablets, phones and notebooks.

Customers are starting to realise that there’s a greater need advantage for dedicated scanners, which allow for archiving and processing of all paperwork within the building.

Speed and Paper Handling

Quickly and intuitively capture double-sided documents easily with Fujitsu’s scanner range. Fujitsu scanners have a high daily throughput and can cope with mixed batches without the need for pre-sorting or adjusting settings. They come with built-in hardware feeding functions to reduce the risk of double feeds or intentional double feeds such as attached post-it notes, plus the scanners will automatically crop to the correct size scanned, remove any scan skew, auto rotate and remove blank pages, dramatically increasing your efficiency and lowering your costs.

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100

Location and Efficiency

There have been numerous studies about the wasted time in a typical week that can be spent walking to and from a multi-function device such as a photocopier and then the scanning function itself, transmission back to a host PC and post-scan processing. Fujitsu’s ScanSnap range starts at £150 RRP with a small footprint so can easily become a mainstay on numerous desks within an organisation. ScanSnap is an out of the box solution, USB plug and play and no training required. Scanning at a desk and the automated functionality of Fujitsu scanners means other desktop tasks can be done in conjunction with the scanning process and save you lots of time.

Image quality and processing – A scanner can capture the actual content and information of a document and not just the image. Rather than creating a jpg, Fujitsu scanners can create a PDF which can be searchable thereby making information instantly retrievable at a later date. Bundled OCR software with the ScanSnap range also means documents can be scanned and instantly converted to editable Word, Excel or PowerPoint files. Additionally, receipts and business cards can be scanned and information exported to a database or expense monitor system. Features such as automatic colour detection can help ensure that file size is kept to a minimum, while bundled PaperStream Capture software with Fujitsu’s ‘fi’ scanners cleans up the image and assisted scan can help with choosing the best scan for your workflow.

Click here to look at Fujitsu’s scanner range.

HP A3 PageWide – Coming Soon to Printerbase

HP’s revolutionary PageWide technology offers incredible speed, incredible value and a whole new way to print that you’ve not seen before and now, HP are set to improve and expand on their existing portfolio even further with a range of new A3 multifunction PageWide machines.

HP PageWide Logo

HP PageWide Revolution Logo

HP A3 PageWide printers will expand on the already ground-breaking PageWide technology and provide fast print speeds, extremely low energy consumption and advanced security features making these devices perfect for a range of jobs and requirements throughout your entire business.

HP’s PageWide technology is expertly engineered to deliver high-quality results in several areas, whilst taking your print experience to the next level even further by producing stunning prints that span the full width of the page.

HP PageWide Pro 750dw printer image

Find out more about HP PageWide technology and how it can help you here.