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PancakeBot – the world’s first pancake printer

pancakebotDespite being extremely simple to make, pancakes can be surprisingly difficult to master, however that is set to change with the PancakeBot; the world’s first pancake printer, which can print a pancake in any design you want!

The PancakeBot has been created by inventor Miguel Valenzuela, who began the process by trying to build a pancake printer out of Lego for his two young daughters.

Now, Valenzuela is hoping to raise the funds, via Kickstarter, to expand his PancakeBot creation even further, with improvements to be made on the accuracy, software interface, design and production.

The PancakeBot device is, essentially, like a 3D printer for pancakes; it is able to squirt pancake batter into the shape of just about anything you want onto a hot griddle.  The software, which runs on Mac and Windows, allows you to trace any image you choose and turn it into a pancake design.

As well as being able to create your own designs, the PancakeBot comes with a SD card with pre-loaded designs.  However, if you are itching to create your own unique pancake, simply use the software to design your own and copy it to the SD card – then, just insert it into the PancakeBot and start printing!

The PancakeBot uses a combination of compressed air and a vacuum to print out pancakes, with controls in place to alter the extrusion rate.  The easy-to-use interface offers great control for accurate pancake designs up to 16″ x 8.3″ in size.

Once the PancakeBot has finished printing, simply flip it over and enjoy!  Roll on Pancake Day 2016!

Check out the video below to see the PancakeBot in action:

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