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Guide To Garden Labelling

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For garden labelling, we recommend Brother Garden label printers but you can also use Epson labellers or Dymo label printers. Labelling garden plants is a great way to keep track of plant names and species and keep your garden organised.

How Do You Label Your Garden?

There are two ways to label your garden clearly. Either use a plant stick and stick a label on that, or use a label printer and apply the label directly to the plant container.

Labelling The Plant Pot

Three Plant Pots with White on Black Labels

When adding a label directly to the plant pot, we recommend using a Brother P-Touch printer with a TZ tape. These labels come in a range of widths and can be printed to a length of your choosing, including as much (or as little) information as required.

Brother TZ tapes are laminated. Which makes them weatherproof, and ideal for use outdoors.

Label A Plant Stick

Plant Stick With Black On Yellow Label

Most plant sticks are 12-14mm wide, which limits the amount of information that can be stored on them. For this, we recommend a 12mm Brother TZ tape, using a small font to maximise the information added to the label.

Best Garden Labellers

Brother GL-H105

Brother GL-H105 Garden Label Printer In The Garden


Print Up To 12mm
Up To 2 Lines Of Text
ABCD Keyboard
Battery Powered (Optional AC Adapter)
Automatic Cutter

Brother PT-H110

Brother PT-H110 Garden Label Printer In The Garden


Print Up To 12mm
Up To 2 Lines Of Text
QWERTY Keyboard
Battery Powered (Optional AC Adapter)
Automatic Cutter

What 3 Things Should Be Included On The Label When You Label Your Plants?

You have full control over the information you store when making your garden labels, but there are three common pieces of information shared across most labels.

  • Plant Name
  • Sowing Date
  • Placing Requirements


Garden labelling is the best way to keep your crops, flowers and grows in check and Brother offers a very good method to keep things in check. Whether you’re labelling pots or tags, you can’t go wrong with a Brother P-Touch label printer.

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