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How To Label Cables & Wires

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Cables are vital in any electrical setup, and with the huge amount of electronic devices we’re connected to daily, cable labelling is equally important as the cables in the first place. Not only can unmanaged cables be dangerous, but it’s time-consuming to sort them out, chase the ends and identify the faults.

On the other hand, a labelled cable will add a professional feel to your management, save cable-chasing time and easily identify what cable is connected to what device.

Heat-Shrink Tubing

Heat-shrink tubing is perfect for unterminated wires or cables. The label starts as a loose tube which slides onto the open end of a cable, then using a heat gun, the high temperature will shrink the tube to fit tightly around the cable.


  • Long lasting print
  • Tube will fit tight around the cable


  • Unsuitable for wires with both ends covered.


Brother Flexi-Tape is built around electrical and conforms perfectly with curved, or malleable surfaces. Flexi tapes print in the conventional tape way, as a single strip to be applied as a layer over the application. As a TZ Tape, they’re water, chemical and abrasion resistant, suitable for indoor, outdoor and hazardous area use.


  • Can withstand chemicals and harsh environments
  • Waterproof
  • Flexible to move with cables


  • Heat-Shrink is Longer Lasting

Flag Tape

Cable flags differ from flexi-tapes and heat-shrink because they have an extended tag, ideal for storing more information than the Flexi and Heat-shrink counterparts. These types of labels are a single strip which wraps around the outside of the cable/cables and sticks together, leaving the tag on display.


  • Longer tags can add more information
  • Can wrap around terminated and unterminated cables


  • The extra material means it can be ripped easier


Cable labelling has never been more accessible, with options available for outdoor/hazardous areas, to indoor and easily accessible text. There’s a Brother tape for all your labelling needs

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