Advantages of a Pro-Photo printer

When it comes to printing photos or artwork, you might wonder what the advantages are for investing in a Professional photo printer over any number of desktop inkjet machines. Do you need one of these high-end printers? How will it ultimately help the quality of your photos?

Whilst there are often similarities between the features available and functions they offer, professional photo printers can offer several distinct advantages – especially if you’re serious about printing high-quality photos regardless of if it’s for home-based house projects or professional display prints.


Almost certainly the key factor that should encourage you to invest in a Pro model. Professional devices such as the Canon Pro series or Epson SC-P range use multi-ink systems that consist of up to 12 coloured inks. Inkjets may offer a high-quality photo output in general but the ink sets of professional photo printers offer a much wider colour palette than the standard 4 colours used in a desktop inkjet, making for much more accurate colour reproduction that brings life and vibrancy to your images.

Heavy Media Support

Another key element in the favour of Pro-machines is the range and type of media on which they can print. These printers aren’t limited to just standard weight photo papers and they support all finishes of media including Matt, Gloss, Lustre, Satin, Fine Art paper and in some cases even canvas. This versatility makes them not only suitable for photo-realistic output, but also allows the use of thicker card-stocks. This is ideal for craft applications such as creating custom stationery, wedding invitations and other artworks.

Banner Printing

These printers are also perfect for producing excellent quality panoramic images with cut sheet printing up to 17”” in length, in particular on Canon pro models (22” on pro-1000) and the ability to print on roll media with the Epson SC-P series.

Canon imagePROGRAF Pro-1000 Photographic Printer

Direct Disc Print

A feature found on several desktop inkjets, but also available on some Professional photo models (Canon Pro 100S, Pro 10S, Pro 1 and Epson SC-P400 and SC-P600). This is a great way for photographers to customise the discs that contain the digital originals sent out by their customers.

Mobile Support

This isn’t a feature exclusive to Professional level printers, but it’s an ever-increasing necessity for users. Supported on all Canon and Epson Wi-Fi enabled professional printers, you can now print using a host of mobile devices.

Use Airprint from your iPhone to instantly print photos to your printer or even send a photo via Google Cloud Print directly to the printer from wherever you happen to be at the time!

Whether you are an ambitious amateur looking to upgrade your printer, a professional looking to gain even more control over your print workflow or a home-based craft enthusiast – these professional photo printers are perfect for a range of needs.

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