Pro photo printers – Photo’s only?

For budding amateurs and professional photographer’s, a pro photo printer is the obvious choice for creating gallery quality, saleable prints – but is photo production the only suitable purpose for these devices? Let’s find out! Printing documents Whilst it wouldn’t be recommended to purchase a pro photo device for the sole purpose of printing general office documents, both the Epson […]

How to Print Black and White Photos

Monochrome photo printing – not simply black and white. Producing professional quality monochrome photos is not as straightforward as you might expect. Whilst most desktop photo printers will quite easily replicate a decent colour image, they can fall short when it comes to the reproduction of black and white photos. Why is this the case? A standard photo printer will […]

Advantages of a Pro-Photo printer

When it comes to printing photos or artwork, you might wonder what the advantages are for investing in a Professional photo printer over any number of desktop inkjet machines. Do you need one of these high-end printers? How will it ultimately help the quality of your photos? Whilst there are often similarities between the features available and functions they offer, […]