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Epson Printers win Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customers Award

epson printersEpson Printers have landed the prestigious Most Satisfied Customers Award – Printers, Small Business award for 2014, according to the latest Canstar Blue survey of small business owners and the printers they use.

Canstar Blue, who launched in July 2010, are one of the leading customer satisfaction research and ratings businesses, with their aim being to help consumers make better purchase decisions.

Canstar Blue commissioned Colmar Brunton to survey 855 small business owners and decision makers across a range of categories to measure and track customer satisfaction with products and services related to their business. The outcomes reported are the results from customers within the survey group who currently have an office printing device – including multifunction printers – that is used for work purposes.

In the Most Satisfied Customers Award – Printers, Small Business award, according to Canstar Blue, Epson Printers not only won the award but, “stood out in these 2014 results, achieving five stars in many areas; such as reliability, value for money, features, and overall satisfaction.”

Per category, Epson Printers also received a five-star rating for overall customer satisfaction, performance, reliability and value for money.

Those businesses using Epson Printers also gave the manufacturer a five-star rating for satisfaction with their printer’s range of features, such as scanning, printing different sized pages and printing photos.


How to install HyPAS apps on your Kyocera Printer

install hypas appsMany people, from a wide variety of industries, can benefit from Kyocera’s new software solution – however, when it comes to actually making the most of them, the first thing you need to know is how to install the HyPAS apps.

There is a simple process if you want to install HyPAS apps and, here at Printerbase, we are hoping to guide you through it – making it as simple as possible.

The first step to install HyPAS apps involves using a simple USB cable, which you will use to load the HyPAS app onto your Kyocera multifunction printer.

You will receive your HyPAS app as a PKG file, which will be sent in an e-mail from Printerbase after you have made your order.  When you receive your e-mail, transfer the PKG file onto a USB drive, so you are then ready to load it onto your Kyocera printer.

Next, you will need to access the ‘System Menu’ on your printer and then, from there, scroll to ‘Applications’ – this should be where all the apps that are on your device are listed.

Then, you will need to select the ‘Add’ option – insert your USB drive with the PKG file on it and select the app you have purchased, then simply press ‘Update’.

Finally, press the ‘Remove Memory’ and then ‘Close’ options, remove your USB drive and the HyPAS app should be installed onto your Kyocera MFP.  You can then get all the added benefits from your brand new app – simple as that!

If you need any help on how to install HyPAS apps, then let us know and we’d be happy to help.


What are HyPAS apps?

hypas appsKyocera have recently began to introduce HyPAS apps for their range of multifunction printers, but what are HyPAS apps and – more importantly – what can they add to your print setup?

First of all, to get the basics out of the way, the term HyPAS stands for ‘Hybrid Platform for Advanced Solutions’.

HyPAS  is a powerful software solution platform, that allows you to optimise the performance of your Kyocera multifunction printer through various applications – so the device to suit your needs perfectly!

To get a simple idea of what HyPAS apps actually are, simply compare it to your PC or smartphone, which comes with a pre-defined set of functions.  To improve and tailor your PC or smartphone to your specific needs, you enhance it by downloading apps – and that, essentially, is what HyPAS apps are.

The HyPAS apps have been developed in Java by Kyocera to help their multifunction devices perform better through expanding their capabilities.  There are a selection of HyPAS apps, which, when installed onto an MFP, can be accessed via a simple touch-screen operation to address your print needs.  You can have up to five HyPAS apps per machine, too.

Speaking about the HyPAS apps, Sarah White, Kyocera’s Product Marketing Manager, said: “These new HyPAS apps offer real enhancements to SOHO and SME businesses by improving the way in which everyone in the company, however small, uses and shares their documents.

“Smaller businesses can now benefit from the type of solutions which larger organisations use on a daily basis. Each app has been designed with SMEs in mind so affordability and accessibility were key factors taken into consideration.”

Easy to install, with minimal or no server requirement, HyPAS apps can deliver an efficient digital workflow, help you control costs, secure processes and gain the competitive edge.

Keep an eye out for future news posts where we will be taking a look at each individual HyPAS app on offer from Kyocera.

INTRODUCING: New Epson business scanners

epson business scannersThree new colour A4 sheet-fed Epson business scanners have been introduced by the manufacturer, bringing increased speed and reliability to the document capture and digitisation process.

The Epson WorkForce DS-860, Epson WorkForce DS-860N and the Epson WorkForce DS-560 are the Epson business scanners now available at Printerbase!

Supported by Epson’s Document Capture Pro software and its multiple platform connectors, these new Epson business scanners can be integrated into any document management system. The software also offers functionality such as automatic de-skew, text enhancement, JPEG compression and the creation of searchable PDFs. Full zonal optical character recognition (OCR) allows for the automatic identification of pre-set document areas such as invoice numbers or barcodes to further streamline document identification, separation and processing.

If you use a scanner regularly in your office, then the Epson WorkForce DS-860 and DS-860N are your best options.

The WorkForce DS-860, and its networked counterpart, the DS-860N, both offer scan speeds of 65 pages per minute, or 130 images per minute when scanning in duplex, even at 300dpi, as well as features such as Smart Feed Technology to detect and alert users if more than one page has fed through the scanner. Both of these Epson business scanners are ideal for environments that require fast, high volume ‘batch scan’ capabilities.

The networked version of these Epson business scanners comes with a Network Interface Unit that enables Push Scan functionality, allowing the set-up of pre-determined tasks that reduce end-user requirements and ensure that all scans associated with these pre-set jobs, such as ‘invoices’, ‘contracts’ or ‘questionnaires’, are stored correctly and can be automatically processed. Alternatively, simple ‘scan to’ options, such as ‘scan to email’ or ‘scan to SharePoint’ can be pre-set and easily selected.

If your office scans in much lower volumes, or if it’s a small workgroup, then the Epson WorkForce DS-560 is the way to go.

The Epson WorkForce DS-560 brings Wi-Fi connectivity to the document capture process. This Epson business scanner is ideally suited to smaller workgroups and front-of-house environments where scanning is required in lower volumes, but where there is still a need for easy file integration into document management systems. The product features a new mobile application, allowing users to scan documents directly to mobile devices, as well as useful functions such as automatic detection of multiple sheets being fed into the scanner.

Kelvin Reynolds, of Epson, says: “These new scanners bring increased speeds, reliability and functionality to our already impressive range of Epson business scanners.

“Their small footprints ensure they easily fit into even the most space confined environments, while their bundled software and available connectors mean they seamlessly integrate into any document management system.”

Get the Epson WorkForce DS-860 and DS-860N scanners HERE!


Get the Epson WorkForce DS-560 scanner HERE!


Samsung Printers land seven BLI Awards

samsung printersSamsung Printers and Multifunction Printers (MFPs) have won seven awards for outstanding achievement at the Buyers Laboratory (BLI) 2014 Summer Pick Awards.​

The Samsung C1810, Samsung C1860, Samsung M2835, Samsung M2885, Samsung CLX-8640 and the Samsung CLX-8650 were all recognised for their superior performance in the printing category.

“Samsung’s Printing solutions are designed to drive productivity and efficiency so we are delighted that BLI has recognized our commitment to creating innovative products that meet changing business needs” said David SW Song, Senior Vice President of Strategic Marketing and Sales, Printing Solutions at Samsung Electronics.

In the hardware sector, five Samsung printers and MFPs were recognised for outstanding achievement. This includes the Xpress C1810/1860 series released earlier this year, which received the award for the outstanding personal colour printer and MFP. With its full-colour touchscreen, the device is able to simplify any printing task such as scanning, copying or downloading.

Tony Maceri, BLI Senior Test Technician praised this model for delivering a complete pack of leading-edge technologies at an affordable price. He said, “The full-colour touchscreen, still rare at this level, makes programming scan or copy jobs simple, while Samsung’s Mobile Print App and the integrated NFC technology let people print or scan with a simple tap of their NFC-enabled smartphone on the MFP.”

The Xpress M2835/2885 series also received awards for the outstanding personal monochrome printer and MFP respectively, demonstrating the simplicity of the mobile printing technology in Samsung Printers.

“Mobile printing is an emerging trend, but printing from a smartphone or tablet can be challenging,” said BLI Senior Analyst of Printers and A4 MFP, Marlene Orr. “With the Xpress M2835/2885’s integrated NFC technology, mobile printing couldn’t be easier: I can just tap my NFC-enabled smartphone on the printer and MFP, the Samsung Mobile Print App automatically downloads and my phone connects to the printer and MFP so I can print my job right away.”

The enterprise-ready A4 colour laser MFP, MultiXpress CLX-8650 received recognition as an outstanding A4 colour MFP for large workgroups, due to its reliability, eco-friendly features and high performance.

The A4 colour laser MFPs, MultiXpress CLX-8640/8650 series received an award for outstanding achievement in energy efficiency, strengthening its reputation as the benchmark in energy-saving technology. Thanks to Samsung Printers’ advanced eco-friendly technology, these models consume less energy than standard printers and have received many five-star ratings in environmental categories.

“The Samsung MultiXpress CLX-8640/8650 series provide users with an energy-efficient device that can help any organization reduce their overall environmental impact compared with the competing devices as tested,” said Lisa Reider, BLI’s Senior Product Editor for Environmental. “Thanks to its fast warm-up times and additional energy- and waste-saving features, the CLX-8640/8650 series provide many ways to help end users go green.”

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