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HP enters 3D Printing with Multi Jet Fusion technology

After revealing that they were entering the 3D print market, HP have announced their first 3D printer, as well as new technology that they believe will revolutionise the industry.

The HP 3D printer that was revealed by the printer manufacturer certainly isn’t one that will sit on a desk at home, but rather in an additive manufacturing environment for large businesses.

The new HP 3D printer uses HP’s new Multi Jet Fusion technology, which, according to the company, will allow to drastically reduce printing times – something that would have taken days will now only take hours.

Multi Jet Fusion technology, which will “transform manufacturing across industries”, according to HP, spreads powdered material across a build area, then a fusing agent is applied using a paint bar, with a detailing agent applied at the same time for high-definition printing. Both of those separate agents are then fused together – creating one layer of the object that you are printing. So, much like any other printer, the objects are built up layer by layer, just at a quicker speed.

The HP 3D printers will use a high-resolution print bar, which can jet 350 million drops per second at 21 micron precision, which is seriously impressive, particularly when you compare it to 3D printers currently on the market. For example, the MakerBot Replicator 2 offers 100 micron precision, with other personal 3D printers reaching upwards of 50 microns.

“As we examined the existing 3D print market, we saw a great deal of potential but also saw major gaps in the combination of speed, quality and cost,” Stephen Nigro, an HP senior vice president, said in a statement.

HP have claimed that what would take a normal 3D printer 83 hours to create, their 3D printer will only take three hours. However, it should be recognised that the 3D printers it is compared to are for personal use, but who knows what the future holds for Multi Jet Fusion technology?


Print from an Android device with Mopria Print Service

mopria print servicePrinting from an iPad, and other Apple mobile devices, is fairly simple, with the AirPrint feature removing the need to install apps or drivers.  However, it is an entirely different case when it comes to Android devices – until the Mopria Print Service was introduced, that is.

The Mopria Alliance, which was formed last year by a group of printer manufacturers, such as HP, Samsung and Xerox, have introduced the Mopria Print Service as a way in which to continue their aim of creating a universal mobile printing environment across the printer industry.  It’s basically a way of recreating the ease of AirPrint across a wider range of devices – making mobile printing simple.

How do you use the Mopria Print Service?

First of all, you’ll need an Android smartphone or tablet, on which you’ll need to download the Mopria Print Service app from the Google Play store.

Then, access the Android system settings, select the Printing option and turn on the Mopria Print Service.

Now, make sure your mobile device and printer are on the same Wi-Fi network, as this will allow you to send a print job.

To print from your mobile device using the Mopria Print Service, simply open the document or photo and select the Print option.

From there, the Mopria Print Service should appear, giving you a selection of print option, such as number of copies and print size.  Choose the correct options for you and click Print – and that’s it! You’ll have your print straight from your mobile device.

As long as you’re printing to a Morpria-certified printer, the Mopria Print Service app is all you will need for simple mobile printing capabilities.

Stick, Snap & Click winner!

We have yet another winner in our fantastic Stick, Snap & Click competition, with valued Printerbase customer, Jonathan Drennan, landing himself an iPod Shuffle!

If you would like the chance to win prizes such as a 32″ television, a Sat Nav or an iPod Shuffle, then all you have to do is enter into the Printerbase Stick, Snap & Click prize draw.

How do you do this?  Well, it’s this simple…

  1. Stick a Printerbase Re-order Label to your printer (you can request one here if you don’t have one)
  2. Take a photo of the label on your printer with your smartphone or digital camera
  3. E-mail the photo to to submit your entry
  4. And that’s it – you’re entered into the competition!

Mr Drennan was impressed with his prize – here’s what he had to say about his win:

“I am delighted to win an iPod Shuffle in connection with the purchase of my Samsung laser printer. I have been really very pleased indeed with my new printer and the speed with which my order was processed by Printerbase.

“To be a winner in the Stick, Snap & Click competition really puts the cherry on top. Thank you very much, Printerbase!”

Check out the past winners of the Stick, Snap & Click competition here – don’t forget to enter!

VIDEO: Review of the Brother MFC-J5720DW Colour Inkjet MFP

brother mfc-j5720dwComing as part of Brother’s brand new J5000 range of smart business inkjets is the Brother MFC-J5720DW Colour Inkjet Multifunction Printer – and we’ve decided to give you a review of this all-in-one.

Seen as a cost-effective alternative to a laser printer for SMBs, the Brother MFC-J5720DW delivers the perfect balance of value and versatility, so you know that your office’s print setup will significantly improve.

Able to print, copy, scan and fax, the Brother MFC-J5720DW is packed with plenty of intelligent print features and stands up to anything a business printing around 1,500 pages a month on average can throw at it – particularly with its fast print speeds and 580-sheet paper capacity for printing in up to A3.

Using the 9.3cm colour touchscreen, the Brother MFC-J5720DW can print and scan directly to/from cloud services, while built-in wired and wireless networking allow you to print from or scan to your mobile devices.

Could the Brother MFC-J5720DW be the professional, money-saving Colour MFP that you’ve been looking for?

Check out our video review of the Brother MFC-J5720DW below:

Get the Brother MFC-J5720DW Colour Inkjet MFP HERE!



iBox Nano: the world’s smallest resin 3D printer?

ibox nanoWell, it didn’t take long.  It seems that the first mobile 3D printer is on the verge of release – introducing the iBox Nano, which is thought to be the world’s smallest resin 3D printer.

Created by iBox Printers, the iBox Nano weighs just three pounds and is both small and light enough to simply carry around in your bag – it truly is a portable 3D printer!

Unlike most other 3D printers available on the market currently, the iBox Nano can work without any wires at all – you don’t have to use a USB or power cable!  The iBox Nano is Wi-Fi-enabled – so there’s no need to be tethered to a computer or laptop – and it is also the world’s first battery-powered 3D resin printer, with the battery option lasting for approximately ten hours.

The completely wireless option, paired with the iBox Nano’s silent operation, allows you to print on the go, whether that be in the library, at a friend’s house, or even while having a coffee.

The iBox Nano is incredible simple to use, too – it can be controlled using a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer and only requires access to a browser for you to be able to print.  You don’t need to install any specialised software onto your devices – just start printing in 3D!

The creators discussed the iBox Nano on their Kickstarter page: “We didn’t set out to improve 3D printing, we set out to remove the barriers; to get 3D printers in the hands of everyone. That’s why we have developed the worlds smallest, most affordable and easiest to use 3D Resin Printer.

“Most 3D printers are expensive, large, noisy and complicated. We created the iBox Nano with the home based user in mind. We are now ready to share this technology with you.

“We have been hard at work, and with your help, we’re ready to take the iBox Nano into full-fledged production. By supporting this effort, you’ll be the first to get your hands on an amazing 3D printer AND help usher in a new era of home based 3D printing – an era in which your creative output is no longer limited by price or dauntingly complex machines.”

You can still back the iBox Nano project on Kickstarter - iBox Printers are looking to raise funds for the production of the 3D printer.

Check out the iBox Nano 3D Printer in action below:

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