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CEL launches first dual-material printing head

Robox Dual HeadCEL has recently made an exciting announcement within 3D print world. They are launching the first dual-material print head allowing users to print in two different materials at the same time. The print head, which is featured in their Robox model, is going to open up a whole new world for the 3D print crowd.

The Benefits

Making the unprintable, printable

The main advantage of the new dual-material head is that users can create and print designs that were previously unprintable. There’s now the ability to create models using two different colours and two different materials, creating a host of new possibilities for 3D model creators.

The Robox can now print a softer material alongside a harder one. Think plastic lids with a rubber seal (personalised lunch boxes!), or flexible watch straps with pins – the possibilities are endless. Previously impossible prints are now possible…and practical!

The Technology

Each material is treated individually for better results. The dual-material head uses two separate compartments, melting each one independently to an optimum temperature.


You can also expect enhanced accuracy and speed from the 0.4mm nozzles. To stop ‘cross-infection’ between materials, 3D printers will often produce a small amount of waste when swapping filaments, however, the Robox system cleverly shuts off the material flow. This ensures speed and quality whether you’re printing in different colours, different materials or both – without the need for wiping, retracting or cooling the heads.

The material reels are hung onto the side of the Robox printer and the addition of a simple adaptor allows the intelligent reel system to recognise which material it’s working with. Combining this system with the Robox’s closed feed-back loop and dual-pinch wheel extruder system ensures that each filament is fed to its respective nozzle evenly.

What CEL Have to Say…

Chris Elsworthy, CEO of CEL, commented: “3D printing has the potential to change the way we design and create products and the launch of our dual-material head means another step change in the complexity of items our users are able to print with Robox.

“We’re really excited to be able to offer this new 3D printer head to our customers and allow them to create new prints they never could have dreamed of 3D printing before! Users will still get all the reliability and quality they have come to expect from a Robox printer, but now with the ability to print in two materials at the same time.”

Thanks Chris… we can’t wait to try it!

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Disney and MakieLab reveal 3D printing partnership

Walt Disney have continued their venture into the world of 3D printing by teaming up with MakieLab to create merchandise.

MakieLab, a 3D-printed doll designer, have started to sell doll outfits that feature patterns of Disney’s Minnie Mouse and Maleficent.

However, there is more to it than that – and that’s where the 3D printing side comes into play.

With MakieLab, a child can go onto the website, choose their doll design and then start to customise it – hair, eye colour, skin tone and clothing.  The chosen design is sent to MakieLab, who then 3D-print the doll on a large, industrial 3D printer, dress it and send it out.

Not only that, but MakieLab, who are based in London and L.A, also have plans to personalise Star Darlings merchandise, which is a new Disney brand.

Disney Chief Strategy Officer, Kevin Mayer, has described 3D printing as “a future technology that’s going to be important to us as a company.”

There is real evidence that Disney believe this to be true, too, with personalised products selling extremely well in stores and theme parks.  3D printing takes that up a notch, offering a much more detailed level of personalisation that can be customised and delivered straight to the home.

Disney’s use of 3D printing technology is likely to grow and grow – watch this space!

Siemens experience benefits of 3D Printing

Siemens may be the largest engineering company in Europe, with a focus on healthcare, industry, energy, infrastructure and cities, but even they have felt the huge benefit of utilising 3D printing as part of their processes.

Siemens have long led the way when it comes to the latest trends in manufacturing, so it was only natural for the company to incorporate 3D print technology in an impressive way.

Recently, Siemens announced that they have begun to integrate 3D printing into all aspects of product creation, rather than simply on the factory floor.  Since then, they have reaped the rewards in terms of the amount of time saved in creating the initial prototype and, eventually, the finished product.

3D printing has been a huge success for Siemens as it has helped the company produce prototypes faster than ever before, resulting in the ability to bring customers into the early phases of the design process.  Using the early prototypes, customers are engaged from start to finish, allowing for key changes to improve the quality of the final product.

Stephen Baker, Head of Research and Development for Siemens Rail Automation division, has backed up the success of 3D printing with an example of how the company used an Ultimaker 2 3D printer to make an initial plastic component prototype.  From there, it took just a couple of weeks for the final 316 grade stainless steel product to be completed.

“So therefore we gone from a 3D CAD model, to a 3D component, to the final metallic component without having to go through the normal process of manufacturing,” Baker explained.

“This has enabled us to reduce our time from the model stage to the final component stage to about a week to 2 weeks, compared to where this would normally take us anywhere between 12 and 16 weeks.

“The principle saving is time (traditional an average of 10+ weeks per component) and potential rework as one-off prototyping allows us to try designs and elements without investing in expensive tooling.”

Baker also went on to explain the reason behind choosing the Ultimaker 2 3D Printer, with the impressive device matching all of Siemens’ specifications.  The company needed a 3D printer with a 8” building space, a sub 0.100mm resolution and under the budget of $10,000, along with local support – hence why the Ultimaker 2 was selected.

Check out the video below for more information on Siemens and their use of 3D printing:

IDC names Lexmark as Managed Workflow Services leader

Lexmark has been recognised as a leader in managed workflow services (MWS) by IDC, a leading IT market research and advisory firm, in its IDC MarketScape: 2015 Managed Workflow Services report.

The report analyses the strategies and current capabilities of companies providing managed workflow services, which IDC defines as managed print services (MPS) augmented with higher value services within MPS/MPDS engagements.

“Lexmark has developed a wide variety of custom industry-specific solutions and has the broadest portfolio of all vendors evaluated,” the IDC MarketScape says in this year’s report.

“Lexmark highlights its technology ownership and product portfolio as a key strength, providing the company with a high level of agility in developing customer solutions.

“IDC agrees that this is an advantage for Lexmark, especially when combined with professional services to integrate with enterprise applications and other third party solutions.”

The IDC MarketScape calls out another Lexmark differentiator in the report: “Like most vendors Lexmark’s assessment begins with data collection, but Lexmark not only collects and tracks data within the enterprise but also across companies within an industry in order to provide a comparative view and benchmark against other industry players.”

Lexmark’s Managed Print Services has delivered revenue growth for each of the past 15 years.

“Lexmark’s technology ownership, together with our deep industry expertise and leading solutions portfolio, have resulted in MPS growth rates exceeding the industry average as we help our customers draw deeper value from their business information,” said Paul Rooke, Lexmark chairman and chief executive officer.

“We are honoured to again be named a leader for Managed Workflow Services by the IDC MarketScape.”

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