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Black Friday 2015 at Printerbase

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Stratasys 3D printers used for brain surgery pre-planning

Stratasys, a leading 3D printer manufacturer, have put their devices to use for brain surgery pre-planning, resulting in significantly reduced risks when it comes to the procedure.

Teaming up with The Jacobs Institute, a medical research facility in Buffalo, New York, Stratasys set about 3D printing models of a patient’s brain vessel anatomy before a medical procedure to treat an aneurysm.

Using the patient’s CT scan, a team of doctors and researchers created a life-sized replica of the aneurysm, with the model designed to recreate the feel of human tissue and its vascular structure.

“Our original plan was to treat her aneurysm with a metallic basket – delivered into the area with a tiny tube. After attempting the procedure on the 3D printed replica, we realised it just wasn’t going to work,” said Dr. Adnan Siddiqui, Chief Medical Officer at The Jacobs Institute.

“Based on the Stratasys 3D-printed model, our team was able to pre-empt potential complications and devise a much more optimal means of treating Teresa’s [Flint] aneurysm.”

Stratasys used the Objet Eden260V 3D Printer, with TangoPlus photopolymer material, to create the replica.

“Typical treatment options are highly risky, as no two cases are identical and require deep understanding of each patient’s unique vascular anatomy,” said Scott Radar, General Manager of Medical Solutions at Stratasys.

“With the aid of Stratasys’ PolyJet 3D Printing Solutions, surgeons at some of the world’s leading hospitals are now able to quickly pinpoint affected areas on individual patients and practice surgeries on realistic anatomical 3D printed models. This is expected to dramatically minimise risks associated with delays and complications stemming from real-time, in-procedure diagnoses.”

Find out more about how Stratasys 3D Printers were used for brain surgery pre-planning below:

Ricoh launches software solutions to maximise production

Ricoh have announced the launch of a portfolio of software products, including Ricoh TotalFlow® Prep 4.0, TotalFlow® Print Manager 4.0, TotalFlow® Production Manager 4.0 and TotalFlow® Path 4.0, to deliver enhanced productivity for production printing operations.

Part of the TotalFlow software suite, these solutions have been designed to streamline job workflow, minimise errors and maximise productivity.

TotalFlow Prep 4.0, with a redesigned user interface, offers fast, efficient document preparation with intuitive access to capabilities such as imposition, tabs and finishing. Ideal for small to mid-sized print service providers, it enables operators to create documents, edit and impose via a simplified, easy-to-use graphical interface. TotalFlow Prep can operate independently or integrate seamlessly with other TotalFlow production management solutions such as Print Manager and Production Manager.

TotalFlow Print Manager 4.0 and TotalFlow Production Manager 4.0 provide powerful, centralised management for digital production print operations. They can automatically schedule and route jobs based on printer capabilities, media type and current workload. Using dynamic media catalogue discovery and device synchronisation, media changes are minimised to help drive productivity and cut overall costs and errors, as well as reducing downtime since jobs get to print faster and spend less time in the job queue.

Production Manager 4.0 adds advanced capabilities such as transforms from Postscript or PCL to PDF, printer pooling and an embedded pre-flight function provided by Enfocus Pitstop®.

TotalFlow Path 4.0, built on an open workflow platform, is an easy-to-use, affordable workflow automation software that streamlines the cut sheet production print workflow. It intelligently connects software programmes and business applications like web to print and Management Information Systems (MIS), enabling them to communicate with each other during the production process. Using rules-based automation, and a drag and drop interface, clients create and customise linear workflows to meet specific job requirements. TotalFlow Path reduces common errors and speeds up turnaround times by minimising human touch points.

“These software solutions will help operations work better, faster and smarter,” states Graham Moore, Business Development Director, Ricoh Europe.

“With print operations required to produce increasing numbers of fast turnaround jobs, in a range of run lengths and using varying print technologies, ensuring that the workflow remains uninterrupted and error-free is essential to profitability. These solutions seamlessly manage day-to-day issues automatically, efficiently and with as few human touch points as possible.”

Circuit board printer wins James Dyson Award

The Voltera V-One, a high-speed printer that can produce circuit boards in just minutes, has been named as the international winner of the 2015 James Dyson Award.

The James Dyson Award is open to product design, industrial design, and engineering university students – or graduates within the past 4 years – who have studied in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, UK or US.

Inspired by the compact design of desktop 3D printers, the laptop-sized Voltera V-One was created by a group of students at the University of Waterloo, Canada.

Using different inks, both conductive and insulating, the Voltera V-One creates functional, two-layer circuit boards.  The device is also a solder paste dispenser, meaning components can be added to the board, too.

Printed circuit boards are essential for technology, such as smartphones and biomedical devices, however, building them is often a time-consuming, expensive process. The V-One’s portable nature means the same principles that guide 3D printing can create prototype boards in minutes.

The team has been awarded £29,800 by the James Dyson Award – on top of a £331,000 Kickstarter fund already raised.

“The Voltera V-One team is made up of four impressive young graduates,” said James Dyson.

“Their solution makes prototyping electronics easier and more accessible – particularly to students and small businesses. But it also has the potential to inspire many more budding engineers – something I am very passionate about indeed.”

Check out the video below for more information on the Voltera V-One and its team of creators:

Canon joins 3D Printing Association

The 3D Printing Association [3DPA] have recently announced that Canon have joined their community of 3D print developers and distributors.

Earlier this year, Canon entered the 3D print industry through a distribution agreement with 3D Systems for the UK and Europe.

However, they have since announced their first foray into 3D printing through their introduction of a new resin-based technology, which is thought to be able to provide superior print strength and a fast production process than any other technology.

Christopher Blake, EMEA sales and marketing director, 3D printing at Canon, who has joined 3DPA’s European board, said: “Our approach is based on simple core principles; we want to offer the best solutions, with the best service, knowledge and support in the 3D printing industry both today and in the future.

“To this end, we have entered into a partnership in EMEA with 3D Systems to offer its leading technology together with Canon’s exceptional sales and service experience to create a compelling proposition for our customers.”

Ian Ferguson, membership director of the 3DPA, added: “By joining the association Canon Europe demonstrates its commitment to the industry and we look forward to working with them and all our members to improve understanding of the technology, help with awareness and education and influence the regulatory environment.”

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