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Apple iPhone 6 does not support NFC Printing

The launch of the new Apple iPhone 6 – and iPhone 6 Plus, of course – was always going to cause excitement, but, when it comes to printing, the question on everyone’s mind was if NFC printing would be supported on the iPhone 6?

Firstly, it seems there is an NFC chip in the latest model of the iPhone, however, users looking to use that for NFC Printing will be left disappointed – for now, at least.

The NFC chip in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will initially only be used for Apple Pay, meaning that the very simple process of tapping your phone to a printer for your documents is not quite there for the iPhone yet.

In fact, it is likely that Apple is restricting NFC use on the iPhone 6 for a year – at least according to an e-mail that Apple sent to Cult of Mac.  Of course, Apple did not divulge any of their future plans in regards to NFC, but, for now, the focus is entirely on Apple Pay.

So, to conclude, your new Apple iPhone 6 does not support NFC Printing currently, but it seems the capability is there – so, in the future?  Let’s wait and see!

IDC MarketScape: ‘Lexmark are an industry leader’

Lexmark have been recognised as an industry leader in both managed print and document services by a report from IDC MarketScape.

IDC MarketScape, who are a leading IT market research and advisory firm, provide an overview of information and communications technology products in a variety of markets, with their rigorous testing giving users a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses.

In the 2014 MPDS IDC MarketScape report, the strategies and current capabilities of companies providing managed print and document services were analysed, with IDC coming to the conclusion that Lexmark is a ‘leader’ within the industry.

“Among the vendors we evaluated, Lexmark has the longest history of providing specific horizontal and vertical business solutions, backed by a vertically-aligned organization, a mature global infrastructure, and a focus on execution excellence,” IDC wrote in this year’s report. “Lexmark continues to make strategic acquisitions to augment its strong software portfolio.”

“Lexmark’s solution catalog has the most depth of all of the vendors we evaluated.”

The report also went on to state that Lexmark differentiates its offerings from competitors in a number of ways including: broad technology ownership, deep industry expertise, global capabilities and customer intimacy.

“Lexmark owns a broad technology portfolio for MPS and MDS including content, capture, process, search, services, software and hardware,” said Holly Muscolino, Research Vice President, IDC, Document Solutions.

“Lexmark’s unique portfolio of products and services, and our highly focused customer-centric approach, have resulted in MPS growth rates exceeding the industry average as we help our customers better manage their paper-based and digital content,” said Mathias Militizer, general manager, Lexmark. “We are honoured to again be named a leader in Managed Print and Document Services from IDC.

“Such accolades, combined with our relentless push to exceed customer expectations, have helped Lexmark obtain an exceptional renewal rate for MPS services across markets and industry segments around the globe.”

Candy: the cheapest 3D food printer available?

3d food printer3D Ventures, a start-up company based in the UK, have launched their own Kickstarter campaign in a bid to produce and launch the cheapest 3D food printer available on the market.

The 3D food printer, which has been named Candy, will be capable of printing confectionery designs on cakes and cookies straight from an SD card.

There is an SD card that comes with pre-loaded designs, too – though, you can also create your own and print them on the Candy 3D food printer.

The creators of the 3D food printer are hoping to sell the device for around £359, which, according to their Kickstarter page, is “less than half the price of other food 3D printers on the market today”.

With this being the only 3D food printer specifically aimed at desserts, 3D Ventures are hoping to target a wide range of users, from 3D enthusiasts, home bakers and even professionals.

Users can print with any semi-solid foodstuff, such as melted chocolate, peanut butter or cake batter, to print their individual designs that add a unique touch to any bakes.

“Our product is aimed at 3D-printing enthusiasts, professional users and home users. You can print cookies in any shape. It’s fun, but also really fun to use,” said Razvan Creanga, 3D Ventures’ CEO.

The Candy 3D food printer is aesthetically appealing, too – with a sleek, modern, open design that allows you to see the print as it happens, as well as clean easily after use.  With an LCD screen for simple navigation and a range of bright colours, the Candy 3D food printer will slot into any kitchen.

“It’s made of fibreglass so we think it will fit in anybody’s kitchen and won’t look out of place,” added Creanga.

Find out more about the Candy 3D food printer on their Kickstarter page here!

Check out the video below to see the 3D device in action:

Xerox Managed Print Services recognised as leader by IDC

xerox managed print services Xerox Managed Print Services have been recognised as a leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Managed Print and Document Services 2014 Hardcopy Vendor Analysis for the fourth time.

IDC MarketScape provide an overview of information and communications technology products in a variety of markets, with their rigorous testing giving users a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses.

The report from IDC MarketScape highlighted the innovative approach to workflow and industry solutions shown by Xerox Managed Print Services, which is made possible by the three-stage strategy - assess and optimise, secure and integrate, and automate and simplify.

Also, Xerox Managed Print Services’ demonstrated toolset for document workflow assessment was noted as one of the strongest among participating manufacturers in the report.

Other strengths of Xerox Managed Print Services that were recognised in the report included “migrating customers to higher levels of print and document management maturity, including converting paper-based workflows to digital and re-engineering processes for greater efficiencies.”, as well as “building one of the most robust infrastructures and methodologies”.

“Enterprises are looking for new ways to manage information so they are integrating print and document workflows into their current infrastructure,” said Mike Feldman, president, Large Enterprise Operations, Xerox.

“Our proven approach helps clients handle their information more efficiently while operating more effectively.”


Samsung reveal new concept printers at IFA 2014

concept printersSamsung have unveiled their new collection of innovative concept printers at IFA 2014, showing off just why they landed the iF Design Award in the Concept Design category.

The four Samsung concept printers, which are designed for the home and office, come in a range of bright colours, unconventional designs and contain eco-friendly features such as the option to use recycled paper.

Samsung have said that they expect the new concept printers to play an important role in the growing trend for mobile printing.

“Samsung’s concept printers are designed to be simple, mobile and quick to use,” said Mark Ash, General Manager, Print Division, Samsung Electronics UK and Ireland. ”We developed our design concept printers to apply the mobile printing trend in the home and office and the increasing trend for eco-friendly technology.

“We are excited to be able to deliver a new printing experience for small businesses and home offices alike.”

Introducing the Samsung concept printers: 

With the growing trend for mobile printing, ‘Vase’ is a mono laser printer that takes up minimal space. Its standing design enables the user to feed the paper vertically to save space and is available in a range of neutral colours so that it blends in with the design of the living room.

‘Egg Tray’ is an eco-friendly toner cartridge package created with fully recyclable paper. Instead of the conventional paper box with an air shock absorbent, manual, and warranty card, the ‘Egg Tray’ uses one pulp-molded tray and recycled paper. This not only reduces material costs, but is also more environmentally friendly.

‘One & One’ is a mono laser printer with a hybrid design that can print in two different colours. The two cartridges enable users to print in cyan, magenta, or yellow to complement the standard black toner.

‘Mate’ is a mono laser printer that enables people to customise the colour of the device using coloured panels allowing users to change the colours according to their personal preference.


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