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Easter Opening Hours

First of all, everyone here at Printerbase would like to wish you all a Happy Easter – we hope you enjoy the bank holiday!

Over the Easter bank holiday, the Printerbase office closes at 5:30pm on Thursday 17th April 2014 and re-opens on Tuesday 22nd April 2014 at 8:30am.

However, although our office will be close, you can still order online at and we will get any items you have ordered from us delivered to you on Wednesday 23rd April 2014.

Enjoy your Easter Eggs, everyone!

How to avoid paper jams in printers

how to avoid paper jams in printersFrom time to time, you will get a frustrating paper jam in your printer, though there definitely are ways you can minimise the chances of it actually happening.  That is why we have decided to compile a short list on how to avoid paper jams in printers.

Obviously, every printer is different in the way it is setup, but plenty of these tips on how to avoid paper jams in printers should work when it comes to your device.


  • When it comes to your printer’s paper tray, try not to fill it to capacity.  If you continue to get printer paper jams, then reduce the amount of paper you add to the tray each time you fill it
  • Make sure you are using the correct type of paper!  Most printers have a limit in terms of the media it can print on.  Folded, labeled and special hard-bound papers can often cause unwanted paper jams in printers.  Check the manual or simply play it safe with standard office paper.
  • Don’t mix the paper that you intend to print on – if you need to change the style or size of the paper, then ensure you remove any other paper in the printer to prevent paper jams.
  • Make sure that your paper tray is aligned to the printer properly as it feeds the paper into the device.  Many printers have a slider that allows various types and sizes of paper to be used in the device – if this is used correctly, it can help stop printer jams.
  • It may sound simple, but make sure that you avoid pushing the paper too far into the tray – it can cause the paper to jam in the printer as it tries to feed it through.
  • Before you print, take a look at your printer to see if there’s any bits of paper from previous prints – this is a common cause of reoccurring paper jams in printers.

Hopefully, these tips have given you a few ideas on how to avoid paper jams in printers – we hope your prints are smooth, simple and stress-free from now on!


Customer Favourites: Brother HL-4570CDW Colour Laser Printer

brother hl-4570cdwWe have another Customer Favourite for you this week, with the Brother HL-4570CDW Colour Laser Printer landing some very impressive five-star reviews!

This Brother colour laser printer is the ideal addition to any medium-sized office that print around 5,000 pages a month on average.  If this sounds like your business, then the Brother HL-4570CDW may be the perfect choice.

With a sleek, modern design, the Brother HL-4570CDW slots into any office – particularly as it offers a fantastic performance, too!

The Brother HL-4570CDW, which comes with easy wireless setup incorporating Intel My Wi-Fi® Technology, delivers high-quality prints at impressive speeds of 28 pages per minute.

The Brother HL-4570CDW comes with built-in two-sided printing as standard, along with optional extra high-yield toners, making it a genuinely cost-effective option for your office’s print setup.

Check out this selection of printer reviews from our customers below:

“Printerbase’s service was great. Delighted with the printer which was easy to set up and has met all my expectations. Appears to be well made and the duplex unit works well. It is indeed a quiet fast printer and I’m hoping the running costs will be OK. Now in the third week since setting it up.” - Jim, Macclesfield.

“This printer is robust and has been so reliable that we have purchased 3 of the same model over the past years. It’s print time is superb and the eco mode is a nice feature to save on toner. I Would highly recommend this printer for a small office or as we use ours as private printers for executives.” - Daniel Lee, London.

“As an IT manager, I need devices to be delivered fast, to be priced well, to work well and to install without trouble. This printer/seller combination passed all of the above tests with flying colours. I would highly recommend it.” - Martin Kesel, Stoke on Trent.

You can get the Brother HL-4570CDW Colour Laser Printer HERE!


ZuTA Pocket Printer: the Mini Mobile Robotic Printer

ZuTA Pocket PrinterWith everything in the office setup becoming increasingly mobile, it was only a matter of time before printers got the same treatment!  Step forward, the ZuTA Pocket Printer.

The ZuTA Pocket Printer, which is essentially a tiny robot printer containing a inkjet printhead that automatically tracks across a page as it prints, could one day replace the larger desktop printers.  As you’d expect from the name, it is designed to be a printer that you can take anywhere – though, the sleek design would definitely appeal to those in the office.

The idea of the ZuTA Pocket Printer is it is placed on the paper you’d like to print on and then slowly rolls across with an omnidirectional wheel system, printing as it goes.  The current model can sync with computers, though, work is going into producing an app for both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

The pointed end of the device is used as a guide to show you where to set it on the page, though, it should obviously be on a perfectly flat surface to avoid any bumps that could lead to a poor print job.  Should multiple pages be printed with the ZuTA Pocket Printer, the device will stop at the end of the page and wait for the user to pick it up and put it down on the next page.

As the current model of the ZuTA Pocket Printer is only an early prototype, which can be backed via a Kickstarter, there are some limitations – such as its estimated print speed of just 1.2 pages per minute.  Also, as it runs on a rechargeable battery, there is only an hour’s worth of print time; though, the print cartridge does deliver 1,000 standard pages.

Here at Printerbase, we’re impressed with this fresh, innovative idea – it truly embraces the idea of printing going mobile.  We have obviously taken mobile printing on board, but it’s always in relation to the devices you’re printing from, rather than the machines they’re going to – the ZuTA Pocket Printer changes this.

Check out the promotional video from the team behind the ZuTA Pocket Printer below:


Deal of the Week: Samsung CLX-4195FW Colour Laser MFP

Samsung CLX-4195FWWe have another Deal of the Week that is sure to impress in the form of the Samsung CLX-4195FW Colour Multifunction Printer!

A colour laser multifunction printer is always a productive addition to a small office when the right choice is made and the Samsung CLX-4195FW is certainly one to consider in that bracket.

Now is the time to order the Samsung CLX-4195FW, too, as we’re offering £30 off!

Coming with the usual all-in-one features – print, copy, scan and fax – the Samsung CLX-4195FW has some great features, along with a impressive performance.

With a respectable 18 ppm speed in both mono and colour, any light-to-medium print demands are handled well, though the print quality is very impressive.  Using Samsung’s Polymerized Toner and ReCP Technology, the colours are vibrant and text is sharp – definitely a stand-out feature.

High-yield toners are available to bring running costs down, while the Eco mode can be set by the user to make for a truly cost-effective printer.  In fact, the Samsung Eco-Driver earned the Oustanding Achievement Award from Buyers Lab – highlighting just how well-rated it is.

In terms of the latest technology, the 4.3 inch colour touch-screen offers superb control over the standard features of this MFP, as well as the connectivity to mobiles, tablets and laptops for simple wireless printing. The Samsung CLX-4195FW is able to operate as a standalone copier and fax machine, too – so it will easily become a vital business tool as your business grows.

You can get the  Samsung CLX-4195FW Colour Laser Multifunction Printer HERE!


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