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Ways to Save on Print Costs

Printing can be costlier than you potentially realise. Especially if the time and care isn’t invested into managing your print setup properly and efficiently. In doing so though, there are lots of ways you can drastically cut and save on print costs and therefore, overall office costs.

Pick the right printer

Picking the right printer can ultimately save you a lot of costs in the long run.

Energy Savers – There are lots of energy saving printers with a range of energy saving modes out there and if you’re looking to save on costs and keep your office green then make sure you pick one of these. Samsung have a host of energy saving features across their range.

Laser – Whilst laser printers come with a more expensive initial cost, they’re cheaper to run than inkjet printers overall with the cost-per-page making them much more economical.

Consumable Costs

High-yield – If you have a printer that can take high-yield toners, then you can significantly save on your consumable costs thanks to the ability to get more pages from your ink over their standard yield counterparts.

Print less in colour – Printing purely in black and white or greyscale will drastically cut your costs and wastage. Especially when your employees are printing unnecessarily in colour!

Energy saving features – You should also look out for power save modes on your printer, specifically toner power save modes. For example, some Samsung printers have a ‘Toner Save Mode’ that will save you plenty of costs on the ink you use.

What else?

Duplex printing – Certain printers have duplex printing (double-sided printing), which will help to limit your paper wastage as prints will be printed on both sides of a piece of paper.

Waste – Countless pages and ink will be wasted due to errors, accidental prints, incorrect use of features and much more. Proofing work, investing in printers with securer print features and a general stricter approach to monitoring what’s printed will surprisingly cut your print costs in many areas.

Print Preview – Make sure you double check how your document will look before you hit print. Reformatting your work to ensure it fits onto less pages if possible reduces excess waste and paper costs.

These are just a few of the things you can do to reduce the print costs in your office. Make sure you use these and any of your own methods to start paying more attention to the printing in your office.

Did we miss something? Let us know how you save on print costs!

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