How to Delete Printer Drivers in Windows 7

Sometimes when experiencing issues printing, it can be a result of a print driver or an issue caused as a result of a system update. Plus, should you get a new printer then the existing drivers from your previous model may still exist on your PC and cause communication conflict and perhaps slow down performance. To solve this problem, we […]

How does a dot matrix printer work?

Dot matrix printers don’t just sound extremely techy and confusing, they look extremely techy and confusing, too! For this reason, lots of people find themselves being intimidated by these machines, and immediately apprehensive about using them. But there’s no need to worry – once you understand how these machines work, you’ll be fine! In this blog post, I’m going to […]

Ways to Save on Print Costs

Person Printing

Printing can be costlier than you potentially realise. Especially if the time and care isn’t invested into managing your print setup properly and efficiently. In doing so though, there are lots of ways you can drastically cut and save on print costs and therefore, overall office costs. Pick the right printer Picking the right printer can ultimately save you a lot […]