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How Important Are Printer Apps When Choosing An All-In-One?

Nearly 9 in 10 small-to-medium businesses put printer apps high on the agenda when choosing a multifunction printer, according to new research from Keypoint Intelligence-Buyer’s Lab (BLI).

As a nation we love our tech, and when it comes to printing that’s no different. A recent survey found that as many as 89% of businesses with 51-500 employees and 82% of businesses with 1-50 employees rank apps as an important factor when choosing a multifunction machine.

Multifunction machines, also known as MFPs or all-in-ones, combine printing, scanning, copying and sometimes faxing into a single machine. They allow businesses to invest in a solution that’s both economical (powering fewer machines) and compact (one machine takes up less space than individual print, scan, copy solutions). This makes the multifunction machine ideal for the SMB market and beyond.

Xerox Connectkey technology

MFP apps allow businesses to take their machines to the next level and Xerox is one manufacturer embracing this. In fact, in a separate BLI survey, Xerox were recognised as the market leader for apps/MFP ecosystems.

Xerox boasts an entire suite of apps which are designed to boost the functionality of its multifunction machines.

Keypoint Intelligence – Buyer’s Lab says: “When it comes to an ecosystem of apps designed to expand the functionality of an MFP, Xerox really shines. The company is setting a high bar for the industry with both its robust and flexible ConnectKey platform and its rapidly expanding portfolio of productivity-enhancing apps that run on it.”

Apps create shortcuts to the processes we need and simplify everyday tasks. Xerox Connectkey apps can eliminate the need for some technician intervention, and in the event you do need assistance, enable you to book an engineer callout direct from the display panel. You can even order toner at the push of a button. There are countless other options, and if the function you need doesn’t exist you have the option to create your own. Check out the Connectkey app video above to learn more.

Xerox C405DN – the machine with all the right printer apps

The Xerox C405DN is one such machine – a robust colour multifunction laser printer that’s ideal for streamlining workflows and is designed to help you cut costs and boost productivity. Loaded with everything from IT installation wizards to scan and fax previews, this machine makes everything simple to manage from its 5-inch colour touch screen. It even offers Xerox’s Easy Translator and Simple ID apps to streamline processes and make work easier.

With the C405DN you can print from mobile, over Wi-Fi, or scan and copy directly to or from the cloud. This machine prints, scans, and copies and boasts a paper input of 520 sheets. It prints at a speedy 35 pages per minute.

Xerox is constantly evolving its app suit, enabling you to move with the times and future-proof your business.

Have you used multifunction apps that have revolutionised your business? Tell us more in the comments section below.

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