VIDEO: Review of the CubePro Trio 3D Printer

cubepro trio 3d printer3D Printing has been an exciting, ever-changing development in the world of print for a while now and it has finally got to the point where users are looking for a way to get a model in their office, which is why we’ve put together a video review of the CubePro Trio 3D Printer.

The CubePro Trio 3D Printer, which is the ideal addition to a variety of industries, such a manufacturing, education and design, is an incredible device that makes the world of 3D printing come alive, allowing users to express their ideas and creativity through professional-quality 3D prints.

One of the latest 3D Printers from 3D Systems, the CubePro Trio 3D Printer offers users improved accuracy and reliability from their 3D prints.

Overall, it has to be said that the CubePro Trio 3D Printer is a huge upgrade on past models, with easy setup, wireless connectivity and fast print speeds all included, as well as stabilised print mechanics that allow it to be such an impressive performer.

The CubePro Trio 3D Printer comes with a three-jet print head system that gives you the ability to print multicoloured 3D objects up to the size of a basketball.  3D print cartridges comes in over 25 different colours, too – so there’s plenty of choice depending on what you have in mind.

Also, the CubePro Trio 3D Printer comes with easy-to-use design software, giving you the ability to create, whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional when it comes to 3D print technology.

Check out the CubePro Trio 3D Printer review below: