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Best Selling Photo Printer of 2017

Best selling photo printer in 2017.

For the final photo print newsletter of the year we look at what made the Canon Pro 10s our best selling photo printer of 2017.

Excellent print results

Based on the same Canon FINE printheads and LUCIA inks found in Canon’s larger roll fed machines, the Pro 10S produces professional quality prints making it popular with both amateur and pro photographers alike.

Customers love the control that having a Pro 10S affords them when producing their prints, allowing them to save both time and money against outsourcing their photo prints.

Media handling

Coupled with its excellent print quality, the Pro 10S also offers excellent media flexibility. Suitable for all manner of coated photographic papers in gloss, matte and semi-gloss finishes. Ideal for portraiture, landscapes and monochrome photo prints.

With a fine art feed path, the Pro 10S has also proved popular with artists looking to recreate saleable versions of their works.

Almost accidentally, the Pro 10S has proved a go-to product for wedding stationers and the craft market too. Despite being aimed at photographers and artists, the heavyweight media handling capabilities of the Pro 10S allow you to print onto card and unusual stock- perfect for creating invitations and stationery.

Value and Time saving

Having the option to print in-house on the Pro 10S has proved to be invaluable to our customers.  Whilst outsourcing to a printer for production runs can be cheaper, the Pro 10S has proved efficient for producing one-off and short run prints.

Coupled with the cost-benefits of printing in house, the ability to create professional quality prints on the fly has made the 10S so successful. Instead of a turnaround of several days from a printer, artists, photographers and stationers can go from receiving an order to print in a matter of minutes.

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José 14 June 2022 at 7:07 pm

With all due respect. Isn’t it a con the fact that, if you don’t use it frequently enough, the print heads tend to get blocked and, that to clean them you would need to spare a good deal of ink from your “tiny” (and -hence- expensive) ink cartridges? I think this comment should be included for those who, like me, did not consider this due to ignorance or whatever other reason. The print quality is, by any means, fantastic.

Adam Whitehead 4 October 2022 at 4:59 pm

Hi José

I’m sorry to hear about your disappointment regarding clearing Printheads. It is an unfortunate circumstance when this happens. The cleaning cycle does use a fair amount of ink, but this is to increase the longevity of your printer. We do recommend ensuring the printer has use every two weeks maximum to prevent the clogging of nozzles.

Hope this helps
thank you
The Printerbase Team


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