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Print web pages without adverts to save ink

Here at Printerbase, we are always looking for ways in which you can save on your overall prints costs – no matter how big or small the changes are, it all adds up to a cost-effective print setup.

One type of print that can waste the most ink is when you are printing a page from the web – however, there is a way to avoid excessive waste of ink when doing this.

As you will know, printing a web page usually result in printing absolutely everything that is on the screen – so, you end up getting unnecessary things like the logo, advertisements, the site menu, among others.  It is a huge waste of ink, particularly as, more often than not, you will just be wanting the text in the middle of the page.

A way to avoid this problem is to use the ‘Print’ option that many websites now offer.  This option opens a new page with the just black text of the feature you are looking to print, removing all the unwanted content that is on the page – the ink used will drop significantly.

The ‘Print’ button is usually found at the top or bottom of the web pages, though you can also select Print Preview, which allows you to see what is likely to appear on your finished print.

Not all web pages will have the ‘Print’ option, however, there is still a way in which you can avoid all the ink-wasting adverts.

You can use, which is a handy tool for removing unwanted content from a page before you decide to print.  You can even change font – perhaps for one that uses less ink, such as Times New Roman.

Although it doesn’t work with every website, is definitely worth bookmarking for future reference!

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