How to print from an iPad using Samsung Mobile Print app

Here at Printerbase, we like to make printing easy for everyone and that includes taking a close look at features such as the Samsung Mobile Print app.

The Samsung Mobile Print app is available free of charge from the iTunes app store, with the universal app being completely compatible with the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.  There is also an Android version of the Samsung Mobile Print app available, though, for the purposes of this article, we’ll be focusing on printing from an iPad.

With the Samsung Mobile Print app, you can print to any Samsung printer, with wireless or network connectivity, as long as they are on the same LAN as your iPad.  The app also allows you to scan from any Samsung multifunction printer, such as the Samsung CLX-6260ND.

Samsung CLX-6260ND

Samsung CLX-6260ND

After using the Samsung Mobile Print app to print from an iPad, everyone at Printerbase has commented on how the app was easy to use, with clear, simple instructions.  Also, another of the key aspects that make the Samsung Mobile Print app so impressive is the wide range of print and scan options, as well as the convenient file transfer between computer and app.

There are a couple of improvements needed, especially as Google Docs is the only cloud-based software that the app supports direct printing from. Occasionally, printing and scanning can be affected by memory issues, though, there is a very good help section that deals with most problems.  However, overall, we were more than happy with its iPad printing capabilities – particularly PDFs, images and from Office.

Everything considered – we would definitely recommend the Samsung Mobile Print app if you want to scan and print with an iPad.

Check out our video below, which shows you how to print from an iPad using both the Samsung M2885FW and Samsung C1810W:


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  1. Rotheram

    I knew the printer could print wirelessly so I’ve just wasted my time watching this…….What would have been useful eg. How to set up to print e-mails,now that would have been useful.Yours extremely frustrated and angry.

  2. Amy


    We’re sorry you didn’t find the video useful. We’re constantly reviewing our content and taking your comments into account, we’re sure we’ll have videos in the future that’ll answer your question. Check back to see them, or subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates.

    Printerbase team.

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