What is the Kyocera Language Select HyPAS app?

kyocera language selectContinuing our running feature in which we take a look at the latest Kyocera HyPAS apps available for Kyocera multifunction printers, we are now moving the focus onto Kyocera Language Select.

Created for large, multinational companies, the Kyocera Language Select HyPAS app is specifically designed to tear down the language barrier when it comes to printing.

Operating a multifunction printer is, of course, fairly easy – however, should the menu and panel options be in a completely different language, then that makes matters much more difficult.  So, to get past this issue, Kyocera Language Select has been introduced as a new HyPAS app.

Kyocera Language Select allows users within a large company to simply switch between all of the languages that are set on the multifunction printer with one click, depending on their needs.

The HyPAS app itself is easy to use, too – with no training necessary when it comes to introducing it to staff as the operation of Kyocera Language Select is simple, fast and intuitive.

All users have to do is access their installed HyPAS apps, click on Kyocera Language Select and then choose the language that they need, which is represented by a flag – making it easy to recognise.  Once selected, the language throughout the menu panel on the Kyocera printer will change accordingly.

So, if your company has a multinational workforce, the Kyocera Language Select may be the ideal addition.  You will be safe in the knowledge that all staff in the office understand how to use the printer, avoiding errors and confusion.