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What are HyPAS apps?

Kyocera have recently begun to introduce HyPAS apps for their range of multifunction printers, but what are HyPAS apps and – more importantly – what can they add to your print setup?

First of all, to get the basics out of the way, the term HyPAS stands for ‘Hybrid Platform for Advanced Solutions’.

HyPAS  is a powerful software solution platform, that allows you to optimise the performance of your Kyocera multifunction printer through various applications – so the device to suit your needs perfectly!

To get a simple idea of what HyPAS apps actually are, simply compare it to your PC or smartphone, which comes with a pre-defined set of functions.  To improve and tailor your PC or smartphone to your specific needs, you enhance it by downloading apps – and that, essentially, is what HyPAS apps are.

The HyPAS apps have been developed in Java by Kyocera to help their multifunction devices perform better through expanding their capabilities.  There are a selection of HyPAS apps, which, when installed onto an MFP, can be accessed via a simple touch-screen operation to address your print needs.  You can have up to five HyPAS apps per machine, too.

Speaking about the HyPAS apps, Sarah White, Kyocera’s Product Marketing Manager, said: “These new HyPAS apps offer real enhancements to SOHO and SME businesses by improving the way in which everyone in the company, however small, uses and shares their documents.

“Smaller businesses can now benefit from the type of solutions which larger organisations use on a daily basis. Each app has been designed with SMEs in mind so affordability and accessibility were key factors taken into consideration.”

Easy to install, with minimal or no server requirement, HyPAS apps can deliver an efficient digital workflow, help you control costs, secure processes and gain the competitive edge.

Keep an eye out for future news posts where we will be taking a look at each individual HyPAS app on offer from Kyocera.


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