Dell launch two managed print services for SMBs

Printer manufacturer Dell have revealed that they are launching two managed print services that are specifically designed to assist small-to-medium businesses [SMBs].

Dell have said that their new managed print services are a direct reaction to the growing demand from users for help when it comes to controlling print costs much more effectively.

The vendor have traditionally offered their managed print services to the enterprise market, however, with the launch of print page and the toner monitoring service, it seems that SMBs are now set to benefit.

The print page service will give small businesses the option of paying with monthly contracts that can last up to five years – with running costs, toner and support all included for Dell printers.

The toner monitoring service is the ideal option for those companies that are keen to keep an eye on supplies, as this managed print service will monitor and automatically replace printer cartridges at discounted rates when they run low – you’ll never be left without toner!

Dave McNally, product marketing director, Dell Imaging, EMEA, said “When it comes to printing, front of mind for any small business is the need to cut costs and waste in order to gain better control over printer policies and find more flexible ways to budget,

“The services portfolio announced today for UK customers purchasing directly from Dell is designed to address these challenges head-on and enable more efficient print environments to boost savings and staff productivity.

“Enabling businesses to monitor, replenish and maintain their print operations and resources, these services are the building blocks in the creation of full managed print services for SMBs.”