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Apple iPhone 6 does not support NFC Printing

The launch of the new Apple iPhone 6 – and iPhone 6 Plus, of course – was always going to cause excitement, but, when it comes to printing, the question on everyone’s mind was if NFC printing would be supported on the iPhone 6?

Firstly, it seems there is an NFC chip in the latest model of the iPhone, however, users looking to use that for NFC Printing will be left disappointed – for now, at least.

iPhone 6 NFC support is a highly desirable feature but the NFC chip in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will initially only be used for Apple Pay, meaning that the very simple process of tapping your phone to a printer for your documents is not quite there for the iPhone yet.

In fact, it is likely that Apple is restricting iPhone 6 NFC support for a year – at least according to an e-mail that Apple sent to Cult of Mac.  Of course, Apple did not divulge any of their future plans in regards to NFC, but, for now, the focus is entirely on Apple Pay.

So, to conclude, your new Apple iPhone 6 does not support NFC Printing currently, but it seems the capability is there – so, in the future?  Let’s wait and see!

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