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What is duplex printing?

When buying a new printer, what are the key features that are most important to you? Impressive print speeds? Colour output? Low running costs?

As with everything else in life, we all have our own preferences when it comes to printers, but one of the most common sought-after features nowadays has got to be ‘duplex’.

But what does duplex actually mean?

In short, duplex is the fancy, technical term that we printer experts use to describe a machine that can print on both sides of the media. To avoid confusion, we usually refer to duplex as either ‘double-sided’ or ‘two-sided’ – just to keep things nice and simple.

Some machines that incorporate a duplex function are automatic, whilst others are manual. If you opt for a machine that operates an automatic duplex printing system, then the printer will mechanically process all documents as two-sided, no questions asked.

If on the other hand, you buy a manual duplex printer, you must program the machine to operate the two-sided function, yourself.

Either way, it’s pretty easy.

So, what’s so great about Duplex?

As we have become more economically minded, and environmentally conscious, the desire to invest in eco-friendly machines has vastly increased.

Duplex printers are a great way of reducing the amount of waste produced, and they’re also highly cost-effective, too, helping customers to save money on ink and consumables.

It’s not all about the cost-saving, though. Duplex can also open up lots of opportunities within print, such as producing booklets and brochures. With this handy little feature, getting creative is easy- you can even put together your own customised greetings cards!

At Printerbase, we stock a huge selection of duplex printers, from a whole host of manufacturers. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to our website now and check out our fantastic range of machines now!

Alternatively, for more about duplex printing, check out this fantastic YouTube video!

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