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Search for Epson Ink Cartridges by Pictures

A while ago somebody at Epson came up with the great idea of putting an easy to remember picture on all their ink cartridges, now I am going to assume that this was to make it easy for people to remember what inks they needed when they went to buy them from the shop because remembering a picture of an elephant or a penguin is much easier than trying to remember the name of your printer and then having to search through rows of inks to find the small writing that says Epson Stylus P50. People could just scan the shelves and find the picture of the frog or beach hut, much easier.

I’ve tried to research this but couldn’t find anything that said this was Epson’s idea with the pictures, so maybe it was just coincidence.

I think with online shopping the pictures are less useful because the majority of times if you need new ink you are going to be searching the internet sat next to your Epson printer but nevertheless we thought we would try to bring all the images together and allow you to search for the inks by the picture. You can visit our Epson ink cartridge search by the picture here:

We currently have 46 sets of Epson ink cartridges listed by picture, we’ve left a few off because they appear to be discontinued but if you find any that we have missed please let us know.

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