Why should you use Samsung Managed Print Services?


Samsung’s Managed Print Services (MPS) provide you with a complete set of tools to optimise and manage your printing setup, allowing you to keep costs to a minimum – after all, you only pay for what you print!

Using this comprehensive programme, you are safe in the knowledge that, as well as only paying for what you use, everything else is covered, too.

So, after initially receiving a detailed analysis of what would be best in regards to your print requirements, you will get your reliable, high-performing Samsung machines, all the supplies you will need and full technical support at all times.

It is the perfect option for those looking to save on costs through their print setup…

What are the benefits of a MPS contract?


  • Guaranteed low cost per copy
  • Manufacturer warranty for the length of the contract
  • No need to waste time trawling the web looking for consumables
  • Easy forecasting of ongoing running costs