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Why Ricoh? Everything you need to know about Ricoh printers…

What do you know about Ricoh? Anything at all? Though this printer brand may not always be the most well-known, the number of benefits to buying a Ricoh machine are endless – and we want to share them with you!

When Did It All Begin?
Ricoh was first founded back in 1936 in Tokyo, Japan, by a man named Kiyoshi Ichimura. What first began as a one-man-band and a small, home-grown business pressed on to later accomplish global success. And now, with over 80 fruitful years in the printer manufacturing industry tightly secured under its belt, Ricoh continues to supply document software, hardware and consulting to businesses all over the world.

The Brand
The printer experts at Ricoh are strong believers in the notion that the greatest asset of any company, place and even the earth itself is the imagination of its people. For Ricoh, creative thinking is completely invaluable and since the company first launched, Ricoh has been empowered by the innovative thoughts and ideas of its workers.
These persevering and dedicated employees envisioned a modern world in which information could be copied and distributed accurately at the touch of a button. This idealistic world would ensure that indispensable business knowledge was accessible from anywhere at any time – and this is evident in their range of printers.

Customer Relations
With a database of customers and partners spanning all over the world, Ricoh is now a true international company. Offering exceptional levels of customer service, Ricoh is proud of the genuine relationships that it maintains with its partners.

The Ricoh Philosophy
Founder Kiyoshi Ichimura formulated the principles – Love your neighbour; Love your country; Love your work – in 1946. These principles structure the foundations on which Ricoh runs its business, encouraging constant improvements and the general wellbeing of all stakeholders.
By continuing to practice its managing philosophy, Ricoh proceeds to remain true to social and environmental sustainability, and its responsibility to future generations.

Commitment to the Planet
With a genuine passion for environmental sustainability, Ricoh is committed to manufacturing machines that adhere to its eco-friendly ideologies.
In order to ensure that Ricoh’s green ethos is adhered to, the following strategy has been set in place:

1. Ricoh Conservation and Recycling
Through its lifecycle design system, Ricoh limits the amount of component use and invests in alternative resources such as Plant Based Plastics and Biomass toner. All devices are designed to be smaller, lighter and simpler and of course the ability to recycle and reuse is completely essential. In 2001, Ricoh’s Europe-based factories also adopted a zero-waste-to-landfill policy, meaning that 100% of all resources are entirely recovered. At the end of their lives, consumables such as toner cartridges are remodelled into things like equestrian equipment and garden planters.

2. Energy Conservation
Renewable energy sources such as solar power are used to generate electricity and Ricoh’s production processes are frequently evolved in order to ensure low carbon manufacturing methods. Also, as part of the distribution stage, CO2 emissions are carefully monitored to improve distribution efficiency within the chain.

3. Pollution Prevention
All Ricoh products have been engineered to comply with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive, which ensures that all electrical products are not released onto the market if they contain six key hazardous substances. A further six substances have also been banned which aren’t yet included in the list.
In addition to this, Ricoh also complies to REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals). This means that all chemical substances used within the business are fully registered and managed carefully.

Ricoh are an eco-friendly, highly experienced manufacturer within the printing industry that produce affordable devices ideal for both home and business use. To shop our range of Ricoh machines, click here now.
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