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Which Printers Print on A6 Paper?

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Printing in A6, while not always obvious, is actually a standard printing size and can be done on most printers. Take a quick look through your printer’s brochure or manual to confirm if it can print on A6 paper.

A6 is commonly used for a number of different reasons but given its size, which is about the size of a postcard (148mm x 105mm), you’ll find that it is often used for flyers, postcards and other marketing materials of this size.

How do I Print in A6?

In terms of actually printing in A6, you may need to take on a couple of steps which is dependent on the printer you have, software you’re using etc.

Some people tend to print onto A4 size media having just designed or written what they need in A6 size in the programme they’re using. For example, if in Microsoft Word, you would go to – File > Page Setup > then click the paper margin and select A6 in size. This should format your document to the A6 size.

If printing directly onto A6 media, you would still do the above but you’d need to amend your printer settings to accommodate this. Depending on the printer you have, you would insert an A6 sheet and adjust the sheet holders and/or you would then adjust the print size within your printer settings.

For additional assistance, you may want to refer to the user manual or speak with the manufacturer of the printer.

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