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VIDEO: Print on envelopes with Xerox Printers

There has been plenty of rapid development in the print industry over the last few years, with an array of exciting, innovative technology being introduced consistently.

This kind of progression has made for some truly fantastic office machine – however, when it comes to envelopes, it’s almost as if it’s been forgotten about!

Back in the ‘old days’, you could simply roll an envelope into a typewriter, type in the name and address and that was that – sorted!

Those days are gone, but many are now stuck when it comes to creating a professional-looking envelope.  However, with a Xerox Printer or Multifunction Printer, you can now print off your envelopes with ease – no more time wasted writing them out individually!

Some find printing on enveloped notoriously difficult – but, with Xerox devices, you just have to know how to place the envelops in the tray correctly and you can create a consistent, quality output each time.

That is basically the key to printing an envelope – loading the envelope properly and setting up your software program to print to the correct tray and correct size of envelope.

Check out the video below from Xerox, which highlights how easy it is to print envelopes:

If you need support for your specific Xerox printer, you can find help on the support pages – click here.

Simply find the page for your model of printer or multifunction device, then search “envelopes”.

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