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The Oki C650 Colour Laser Printer “Print Hero”

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The OKI C650 A4 colour laser printer is perfect for any business or individual with the usual everyday document printing needs, a demanding marketing department, a busy warehouse, diverse label and banner printing needs, with environment responsibility and impact in mind.

The OKI C650 colour laser printer lives a double life and can adapt very quickly. This means it can go from printing your usual a4 business documents in crisp black and white or full vibrant colours to printing high-grade water and freeze proof, UV & oil resistant and 2D & 3d barcodes effortlessly in the warehouse or on the packing line.

  • Tiny, Powerful & Ultra Reliable
  • High print speeds
  • High-Quality labels, A4 documents, banners and POS material
  • Easily accessible toners
  • Unrivalled running costs
  • Reliable build quality
  • Space-saving design

The Print hero

Versatile 2-In-1 Printer

Lightning-fast, ultra-compact, versatile. Three phrases best describe the Oki C650 “Print Hero” A4 printer. If you need a durable space-saving device, capable of heavy use and surviving the harsh warehouse environment.

Packing Line Printer

Built to withstand clean office spaces as well as harsh warehouse environments with a high-duty cycle for heavy-duty media, document, POS and label printing. The Oki C650 completes a packing line with durable and top-quality printing.

High Print Speeds and Media Types.

Colour and mono (black & white) printing can reach speeds up to 35 A4 pages a minute, prints media up to 256gsm, or banners up to a staggering 1.32 meters long.

  • Provides the best media handling in it’s class
  • High-speed printing with exceptional quality in rich LED colour
  • Prints up to 35 A4 pages per minute (Colour and Mono)
  • Prints with ease on media as light as 60gsm and up to 256gsm, as small as B8 or up to 1.32m long
  • Point of sale (POS) printing
  • Visual communications
  • Marketing collateral
  • Invoices
  • Durable high-quality labels

Exceptional Print Quality

Utilising LED technology alongside Oki’s top-grade print engine to produce graphics of stunning print quality. Another great feature of the Oki C650 is the media weight it supports. The C650 can print heavy media of up to 256gsm, making it one of the few colour laser printers to support such media weight currently on the market.

This makes the Oki C650 colour Laser printer a perfect choice for in-box personalised marketing media and marketing collateral, enabling businesses and individuals to print everything they need in-house and on-demand.

What Labels Can The Oki C650 Print?

Label Types

The Oki C650 is capable of durable and high-quality label types below.

    • Electrophotographic Paper
    • Dry PPC (Printer Paper Case)
    • Water & Freeze Proof
    • UV & Oil Resistant
    • 2D & 3D Barcodes

Labelling Environments

Labels printed from the Oki C650 can be used in a wide range of areas and environments. This ranges from Retail, Hotels, Restaurants and Cafés (HoReCa), Education and Healthcare. Which means garden centres, warehouses, supermarket, pharmacies and hospitals can really benefit from the vibrant clear label  and banner prints. Here are some great use cases below for a Garden Centre, Warehouse and Shop floor labelling below!

Garden Centre Labelling

Warehouse Labelling

Shop Floor Labelling

Unrivalled Running Costs

The Oki C650 has one of the lowest average consumable costs in its class. Over five years, the total cost of ownership (TCO) could save up to 35% versus comparable printer models.


Most printers are built with plastic, to keep build costs low and printers light. However, the Oki C650 colour laser printer is predominantly built with more metal and less plastic for a longer working life, and kinder to the planet, making it reliable and the most robust device in it’s class.

Easy Access

A compact machine, the Oki C650 only needs a tiny 2cm space on the sides and 20cm above for complete user access. There’s no need to access the back or sides with paper and consumables being replaced from the front, and paper exiting through the top.

Extremely Compact

The Oki C650’s small frame needs minimal space for operation, with full frontal access to toners and maintenance and needing only 2cm space for ventilation, which means the C650 can be placed almost anywhere and without compromise on quality, productivity or running costs and still deliver the performance and media handling of a professional printer all in the compact design of an A4 colour desktop printer.


1 Month Subscription to Design Hub and ABBYY FineScanner. Included with the Oki C650 is a free month’s trial to both the Design Hub creator software and ABBYY FineScanner Mobile App!

Read More About the Oki C650

The Oki C650 really is a versatile printer, no wonder it’s labelled the “Print Hero”. There is a lot more to this fantastic printer than we have outlined in this post. For further information please take a look at the “Oki C650 Printer Details Page” and “Print Hero Micro Site” below.

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