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Brother VC-500W – Colour Label Printing Made Easy

Printing your labels in vibrant colour ensures they stand out and make an impact. Thanks to the new Brother VC-500W Design ‘n’ Craft label printer, colour label printing is now possible at an affordable price.

This compact label printer delivers full colour labels on demand from a number of devices including your PC, smartphone or tablet. So it’s perfect for flexible label printing for work or at home. At Printerbase we’re finding that crafters have a real love for this machine. Due to its versatility, it’s great for card making and easily creating bespoke branded labels (for jam jars, for example).

Design Your Own labels 

The innovative label printer enables you to design your labels from mobile, PC or tablet devices, using P-touch Editor label design software and the Colour Label Editor.

There are plenty of design elements to choose from – from fonts and graphics to borders – allowing you a level of creativity you simply can’t achieve with most label printers.

No Ink Necessary

The Brother VC-500W uses ZINK Zero Ink printing technology meaning no ink is necessary. Colour changing crystals locked inside mean your label roll changes colour when you press print. Genius!

But this doesn’t mean you have a limited colour palette to work with. Heating the label using specific temperatures activates different crystals within the tape, allowing you to achieve vibrant tones and even print full colour photographs onto your labels.

Labels of All Shapes and Sizes

The VC-500W enables you to create your labels in the lengths you want thanks to the full colour cassette rolls. This label printer has five different widths available too, so there’s plenty of scope for labelling everything from files and folders to jam jars and more.

Brother VC-500W Design ‘n’ Craft Full Colour Label Printer

To find out more watch the video below… or call our team on 0800 170 7234 for more informatio.

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