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What is NFC Printing?

What Is NFC Printing Banner?

NFC Printing, which is short for Near Field Communication Printing, is a short-range wireless technology that allows data to pass from one device to another by simply touching them or holding them close together.

How Is NFC Technology Used In Printing?

The latest smartphones and tablets have embraced NFC technology – and this development has seen NFC Printing become much more popular, with many seeing it as a quick, simple way to print without any fuss.

If your device has NFC technology built into it, then all you have to do is select the file you would like to print, walk over to the printer, hold the device on the NFC-enabled printer for a few seconds, and the dedicated app will open up, click print and that’s it – you have your print. That kind of simplicity has attracted many to NFC Printing – and it looks set to be a huge part of the future, particularly in print!

Benefits Of NFC Printing

Convenience & Ease Of Use
A printer supporting NFC makes printing as simple as tapping your mobile device against the printer. In most cases, you only need to select “print” on your document, and then hold your device to the NFC chip on your printer.

Improved Operational Efficiency
The simplicity of printing with NFC, not only reduces setup times, but it also reduces paper waste with unnecessary prints and full print control, from your mobile device. Plus, the enhanced security from encrypted printing would add an extra layer to your print jobs, perfect for confidential documents.

Enhanced Security
By using a near-field communication method, there’s less space to transfer data over insecure lines. It’s the safest form of printing wirelessly.

NFC Printer Applications & Industries

NFC, or Near Field Communications are used more than we realise, not only can it be used to print from your mobile device, NFC can also be used as an authorisation key, instead of a conventional PIN number.


NFC In Retail

NFC printing can be used in retail stores, to allow customers to print their receipts, coupons or delivery/collection labels. This can help reduce paper waste, and speed up checkout processes.


NFC In The Office

The office would most likely be the most obvious place to print using NFC, as it’s a convenient way to print from your mobile device without having to find a printer driver or local network. This is ideal for hybrid workspaces, where employees are not constantly at their desks.


NFC In Public Spaces

Whether you’re in a library, university or surgery, you can find an item which can be printed using NFC, libraries will be suitable for most documents, schools often use it as a method to print off coursework and surgeries would be capable of printing prescriptions from your mobile.



Events arguably have the biggest benefit of printing using NFC, allowing attendees to print badges, passes and tickets which saves time and is a more reliable way than taking a physical ticket to the venue.


Popular NFC Printers

At Printerbase, we stock a variety of printers with NFC connectivity, below you will find our top laser, inkjet and thermal label recommendations.

Xerox C405DN


Print, Scan, Copy & Fax
USB & Network Connectivity
Auto 2-Sided Print, Scan & Copy
600 x 600 x 8 DPI
500 Sheet Paper Tray

Brother MFC-J6940DW


Print, Scan, Copy & Fax
USB, Network & Wireless Connectivity
Auto 2-Sided Print, Scan & Copy
1200 x 4800 DPI
2 x 250 Sheet Paper Tray

Zebra ZQ320


Print Only
Max Print Width 72mm
USB & Bluetooth Connectivity
Battery Included

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