SENDYS From OKI – A FREE Document Management Solution

Make storage and management easier than ever before with SENDYS Explorer from OKI, which comes FREE with selected OKI printers. SENDYS Explorer links with OKI’s digital multifunction printers and revolutionary LED technology to streamline and simplify processes and by making the digitizing of various paper documents possible. Plus, the data can then be stored on a major cloud service or directly on SharePoint, whilst stored documents can also be printed directly. Having the ability to convert documents and the freedom to distribute them will give you even greater flexibility to edit and share files. And unbelievably… it’s free!

What is SENDYS?

SENDYS Explorer comes with a range of excellent features that will enhance the productivity and efficiency of your office. Below are just a few of these winning features:

  • • Convert and upload documents in bulk
  • • Transform your scanned documents into editable formats
  • • Easily access and retrieve your documents
  • • Improved security and control


Document Capture
Capture your documents from a range of sources including printers, smartphones and email.


Document Hub
Distribute your scanned documents to various destinations including network folders and email.


Document Conversion
Convert your scanned documents into a variety of editable formats including JPEG and PDF.


LED Technology

Continuously innovating and breaking barriers, OKI’s LED Technology delivers resounding quality and reliability. After delivering multiple industry firsts in LED, they also delivered the first digital LED 5 colour A3 printer. Couple this revolutionary technology with OKI’s fantastic document management software and your device will be delivering on all fronts!

LED technology has been used by OKI for decades now and after being recognised as a highly innovative technology, OKI continued to deliver this technology, which gives you enhanced performance across the board including quality, reduced environmental impact and cost-cutting. Ideal for smaller to medium sized businesses, LED printers also offer high-speed, great image-quality and reliability to give you complete peace of mind.

For a more detailed explanation of LED technology take a look at OKI’s LED video and in-depth analysis.

Compatible OKI SENDYS Models

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