Lexmark: ‘MPS are evolving to unlock business value’

mpsManaged Print Services – also known as MPS – are continuing to evolve as companies strive to unlock hidden savings in the business. Over time, this has shifted from output consolidation to automated fleet management and on to workflow enhancements.

According to Mark Kelly, Sales Director Enterprise at Lexmark EMEA: “MPS is no longer viewed as an added-value amenity, but instead as a valuable service that can also drive real business improvement.

“Market maturity has led to an increased interest in taking the next step toward what Lexmark calls ‘Smart MPS’, where we address businesses’ needs by closely aligning print, managing information and business process automation.”

These point to a new managed service based business model in which MPS is a component of a larger offering. For organisations, this means the ability to create a complete assessment for the whole organisation when it comes to document management. It’s not just about cost, but should include other factors such as improved customer service, employee productivity and even data security and mobile printing.

Kelly explained: “Lexmark’s research shows that when a business uses content management solutions to streamline processes, it can boost savings and productivity up to 30 per cent or more on average. Benefits include automating manual processes while being able to better manage unstructured digital information.”

When this next generation of MPS is delivered through a single, solution-driven provider, enterprises can drive business process innovation that pays continuous dividends.