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Manchester firm to produce 3D printed underwear

Greater Manchester business Tamicare are close to changing the way clothing is made after revealing that they are to mass produce 3D printed underwear – creating more than 300 jobs in the process.

The firm, who are a research and development, innovation and engineering company based in Heywood, specialise in textiles and non-woven materials.  Now, after years of research, Tamicare’s experts have developed a flagship product called Cosyflex, which is set to bring in a new age for the creation of clothing.

The pair behind Tamicare, husband and wife Tamae and Ehud Giloh, have said that they are currently enjoying to demand from a wide range of sectors and believe that, using a 25-metre machine that they have created, they will be able to produce 10 million 3D printed knickers each year.

Tamicare have said that their bespoke machine sprays polymers and fibres in a controlled manner, allowing them to produce the likes of disposable panties, sportswear, bandages and other products.  The company have also admitted that they have many businesses interested in working with them, from industries such as lingerie, fashion, sport, shoes, cosmetics and automotive.

Tamar told the Manchester Evening News: “This is a revolution. And it’s not just me saying that. We are being told this by companies from many sectors all over the world who we have met or talked with.

“This is something the world hasn’t seen and this is why the companies that produce panties want to use our technology.

“We are developing many products at the moment for the cosmetic, hygiene, medical, sport and automotive sectors, and the possibilities are endless.”

Tamicare, which was launched by Tamar in 2001 and currently employs ten people, welcomed £10m of private investment in a bid to aid the development of their technology and hopes to employ more than 300 people at the headquarters within two years.

Tamicare will first launch its underwear product in Israel and are still responding to various enquiries in regards to future developments.


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