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3D PRINTING: Print your own SLR camera!

The amount of incredible creations we’ve seen from the rapid development of 3D print technology never ceases to amaze, though we may have another winner…

Leo Marius, a 24-year-old French student, has taken the 3D printing phenomenon to the next level, creating a fully functioning SLR camera completely from scratch.

While it may not be the best looking camera, or the most polished; most importantly; it actually works!

The model is a 35mm film SLR camera and features a fixed 1/60s shutter speed, which is triggered via a large release button.

The innovative camera will work perfectly well with any lens mount, though, if you’re wondering where you buy yourself one of these – the bad news is that you can’t!

However, all is not lost!  If you can get access to a 3D printer, you can try and print yourself one – so why not give it a go!?

Marius has kindly uploaded the instructions for 3D print enthusiasts here – check it out!

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