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Make the Switch with Epson

With the awareness surrounding harmful environmental impact and dangerous eco-emissions now more prevalent than ever before, businesses are keen to develop new schemes and technologies that will help minimise detrimental environment-related issues. And in the world of print, one manufacturer in particular is doing all that they can to ‘go green’, encouraging everybody to get involved and ‘make the switch’ – Epson.

As a brand, Epson have become renowned for their environmental-mindfulness, however, their most recent campaign, ‘Make the Switch’, may just be there most influential and ground-breaking crusade yet. As part of this campaign, Epson are encouraging both large businesses and single home users alike to come together and ‘make the switch’ in a bid to discourage further harmful environmental impact.

In Epson’s words, it’s all about ‘preparing for tomorrow’. The Make a Switch campaign is all about offering customers a fresh perspective on how they can make positive changes to their behaviours and their business. And, by developing innovative printing technologies and processes, Epson are now more determined than ever to make a difference.

To break things down into digestible chunks, listed below are the three crucial areas in which Epson WorkForce Pro machines can pose both environmental and ecological improvements:

Energy Saving

Using Epson’s new, innovative technologies, by making the switch, customers can look forward to guaranteed energy saving. With up to 96% lower energy consumption than lasers, with Epson WorkForce Pro printers, it’s not only about reducing electricity cost, but helping businesses to meet their environmental targets, too. The reason that inkjet printers are so much eco-friendlier than lasers is because inkjets do not use heat during the printing process. And, as a result, they consume much less power than laser printers, which, ultimately, reduces running costs at the same time.

Less Waste

Results founded by independent tests revealed that Epson’s WorkForce Pro models produced as much as 94% less waste than copiers and lasers. Unlike lasers, these machines do not emit any ozone gases, and there are also significantly fewer replaceable parts and consumables than comparable lasers, too. In a bid to keep costs to a minimum, Epson offers a variation of ink cartridge sizes that guarantee to make prints look superb, and are completely hassle-free to replace.

Easy Integration

Epson’s range of WorkForce Pro machines have been specially engineered to deliver simple management and configuration features. With Epson, users can manage and control an entire fleet of printers and scanners with complete ease. Plus, thanks to the easy installation, maintenance and troubleshooting processes, increased productivity and cost savings are guaranteed.

And the statistics speak for themselves. By making the switch, customers can look forward to experiencing all of the following:

  • 92% less Carbon Dioxide than lasers
  • 96% more energy efficiency
  • 94% less waste than lasers
  • Total Green technology with no ozone gas

As part of their social responsibility, Epson are striving to cut CO2 emissions by a whopping 90% across the lifestyle of all of their products by 2050, but they’re adamant that this can only be achieved if everybody gets on board.

There’s never been a better time to make the switch, and at Printerbase, we stock a range of fantastic Epson machines so that you can do exactly that. Click here now to view our full selection of single and multifunction machines from Epson.

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Happy switching!

The Printerbase Team

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