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Kyocera HyPAS launch ‘Teaching Assistant’ application

A brand new Kyocera HyPAS application has been launched to help streamline the task of printing, marking and analysing multiple-choice tests and surveys in education.

The application is called Teaching Assistant and is designed to enable educational organisations that handle large quantities of testing or surveys improve their efficiency.

This Kyocera HyPAS feature allows you to print multiple-choice test papers and surveys, then mark and analyse the results, which leave you with various summaries and detailed reports – ideal for the teachers to refer to.

For example, the teacher is informed of the questions that have been most commonly answered correctly or incorrectly, as well as individual and median scores for those who have taken the test.

The Kyocera HyPAS app can also be used to create a multiple-choice test with essay questions, marking the multiple choice answers via the multifunction printer, while the teacher marks the essay answers within the Teaching Assistant Excel plugin, before regenerating the overall marks and reports.  This offers unrivalled flexibility for schools, colleges and universities that has not been seen before – particularly in the world of print.

However, this Kyocera HyPAS app is not just used in educational establishments.  If your organisation handles a large amount of testing or feedback questionnaires – i.e. travel companies, training facilities etc. – then Teaching Assistant is perfect for you, too.

Sarah White, Product Marketing Manager, KYOCERA Document Solutions UK Ltd, said: “Teaching Assistant streamlines the marking of multiple-choice tests so that with this HyPAS app and a KYOCERA MFP you can automatically print, scan, mark and analyse students’ tests and get detailed reporting on test results. It saves time and avoids errors and we believe it will help make the pressurised lives of teachers a little easier.

“Teaching Assistant also features an Excel Plug-in, which means that Teaching Assistant can now print test sheets from Excel, including a space for an essay question and provides marking in the Excel Plug-in for the essay answer.

“The way it works is that you would generate the answer sheet from Excel, then scan in the answers all in the normal way, export as a CSV back into Excel with the plug-in (so you have the multiple-choice results already) then grade the essay and simply re-generate all reports/overall results from Excel as required.”


  • · Increases productivity – automated marking of multiple-choice test papers, questionnaires and surveys, saving time and increasing efficiency
  • · Improves marking accuracy – Reducing the possibility of human error
  • · Reduces IT burden – no need for complicated IT intervention or dedicated server software
  • · Saves valuable time – teachers can concentrate on teaching and lesson plan development

Check out the video below on this Kyocera HyPas application:

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