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Keep your office tidy with our new cable tapes

Find out how cable tapes can make your life easier in our latest Printerbase blog.

Take a peek under the desks in your office and you will be confronted with the nemesis of any electrician… twisted cables! Whether you are trying to identify printers, the Ethernet, or even the power cable, it’s impossible to untangle an unruly nest
of cables.

More than just an eye-sore though, this is a potential fire risk and will fail safety tests in an instant. The best way to sort it out is with a set of cable tapes or labels. These make finding the right lead a simple task and ensure that your business complies with electrical safety legislation.

At Printerbase we know the importance of a clean and tidy work environment, which is why we sell a great range of simple cable tapes that fit the ever-popular P Touch label printers (selected models only). Take a look at the great benefits of this range of label cassettes…


Professional and simple cable tapes

The professional look of the Brother labelling system will fit perfectly in any office. Leave behind scrawled labels that no member of staff can read. Instead, take advantage of the crisp, sharp design of the Brother Labels.

Available in black font on white, yellow or green, these are labels designed for any environment.

If we had to pick a favourite, the black on yellow labels are a must-have for any office which relies on important cables to keep the business running. The yellow is immediately recognisable, for fast repairs and swift identification should the worst happen.

Alternatively, customers love the professional, no-nonsense look of the black on white labels, and report that the label flags fit neatly into any space.


A reliable solution

Tested in lab environments as well as offices, these labels are chemically resistant and incredibly durable. Customer feedback attests to their reliability, with their crisp aesthetics still clean and tidy after daily use. These are labels designed to work hard for you, so take a look at our full range today.


Easy to use

The Brother P-touch system is simple to use and the cassettes we offer are easy to install. The printer can print either barcodes or text, and once printed, the label is ready to use. There are two sides, which both allow printing, and the label will be visible from either side when attached to your cable.

Easy to fold down, these are fast to attach to any cable, no matter how difficult to get to. Brother label printers are top of the class when it comes to reliability, so it is worth investing. Then go ahead and check out our full range of coloured flag tapes to get your office neat and tidy with minimum fuss.


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