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HP M479 replaces M477 multifunction printer

The HP M477 printer is now discontinued. Get a brand new replacement HP M479 printer from Printerbase. 

The HP M477 is a top printer; it’s consistently scored highly in customer reviews and has been commended for its reliability and swift, no-nonsense printing.

For the perfect marriage of quality and speed, this printer was our go-to. The technology needed a little updating though, and so did the design. So HP has taken what was great about the HP M477 and channelled it into a very modern piece of engineering: the HP M479.

This brand new printer takes everything we loved about the original and ever-so discreetly upgrades it. No mechanism is wasted in this carefully built replacement model, and HP has excelled once again.

So, the question is, should you upgrade?


Smart technology used simply

The HP M479 is an impressive piece of smart technology. The scan (or email) to print function is quick and simple to use and is clearly designed with a complex workflow in mind.

HP makes it easy to save frequently used settings, and allows the automation of workflow for staff who print several things in the same way. Feedback from teams who have heavy printing jobs is positive already in this area, with customers reporting just how easy this printer is to use.

The Wi-Fi works flawlessly, and here the HP Laserjet Pro M479 really is a step up, connecting quickly and painlessly, and enabling printing through the cloud.

Plus, you have 4 options with this machine as follows:


  • – M479dw – duplex and wireless functionality
  • – M479fnw – fax, network, and wireless functionality
  • – M479fdn – fax, duplex, and network functionality
  • – M479fdw – fax, duplex, and wireless functionality



Sustainability is key for HP M479

With this model, HP shows it is a head and shoulders above the competition. They have listened to customers complain about how frustrating reprints and wasted printing-budgets can be and upgraded this model with this in mind.

Best in class for eco-friendliness, this printer automatically sets duplex printing as default, so your team doesn’t unwittingly use more paper than they need to. The 18% less energy waste is also a bold claim; and it stacks up, with the HP M479 showing up as the most efficient model yet from HP.


High-speed, but low-cost 

HP printers are renowned for providing cost-effective and reliable solutions for busy businesses, and this model is no exception. The HP M479 runs at an excellent 27 pages per minute, which is astounding, considering the print quality that it provides.

Its input capacity goes all the way up to 850 sheets, which is itself a step-up, and welcome practicality for a fast-working office. Likewise, the cartridge yield shows HP values its customers, with an impressive maximum yield of 7,500 pages (black). This all adds up to fewer cartridge costs, smaller paper costs and a fast printing service: what’s not to love?


Going the extra mile

As we have come to expect from HP, set-up is a swift and easy business, which is always appreciated in a hectic office. In addition, HP has included several bonus features in the HP M479, most notably the security system which capitalises on the popular pin-entry system and offers an instant warning of potential security and data attacks.

Interested in the HP M479? Get in touch with Printerbase today to take a look at this brilliant new printer!

Already got the HP M477 and not ready to upgrade? Don’t worry, we’ll be stocking M477 consumables for the foreseeable future.


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Victor Carrascoso 19 September 2020 at 5:27 pm

Dear Printerbase,

I read your article about the comparison of the HP 477 and HP 479. I am tech UNSAVVY. I have the HP 477 and it has malfunctioned in that the “fuser??” is bad AND the scanner malfunctions all the time(scanner error ). I do not understand the four models you cite regarding the HP 479…I want a scanner that works, and wireless printing , but I want to NOT have two sided printing UNLESS I want it. Any suggestions, what model is right for me and what is your price for the HP 479. Thank you

Adam Whitehead 21 September 2020 at 11:43 am

Hi Victor

Thank you for getting in touch
On any model with Duplex printing, it can be set to print single-sided only under the driver settings.
Take a look at the M479DW model:

Hope this helps
Thank you
The Printerbase Team

Nick 14 November 2020 at 11:35 am

I have the same issue, the fuser is bad after 3 years and replacing it costs more than a new printer. Also the ADF constantly scans misaligned, this can be adjusted but soon the alignment drifts out on me again. Worthless printer and hopefully the 479 will be an improvement in this regard.

Adam Whitehead 17 November 2020 at 9:23 am

Hi Nick.

Sorry to hear you had some issues with your HP M477. The M479 range has been a fantastic replacement

Thank you.
The Printerbase Team

Mathieu Godin 29 November 2022 at 5:48 pm

We currently use an M477. We need a new fuser, but I am having a tricky time finding the right part- is that because it has been replace by the M479? Will the coresponding fuser for the comparable M479 printer work with the M477?

thank you .

Adam Whitehead 30 November 2022 at 9:18 am

Hi Mathieu

Thank you for the comment, this is a good question.
Looking into it, the fuser unit for both the HP M477 and M479 would need to be replaced by HP themselves.

Hope this helps
Thank you
The Printerbase Team


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