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Introducing The Brother X-Series A3 Business Inkjet Printers

At Printerbase we’re proud to announce the launch of Brother’s X-Series. These professional inkjet printers are a high-performance range with low running costs and the additional benefit of A3 printing.

Brother’s new X-Series printers are the perfect solution for business users of a range of shapes and sizes. Because these are inkjet machines they use less power than laser models. They also offer excellent speeds, which ramp up productivity and efficiency in the work environment.

Print speed

The speed of your printer can affect your business in a number of ways – whether that’s holding up meetings as you wait for paperwork or having staff queuing for printouts. The Brother X-Series offers a print speed of up to 22 images per minute mono or 20 images per minute in colour. Combine this with a class-leading first page out time of as little as 5 seconds.


Another key feature of the X-Series is the level of security you benefit from. These printers offer IPsec support and access control which conforms to IEEE802.1 standards. Or in plain English it helps to keep your network protected.

If your printer is the victim of a cyber attack, intrusion detection automatically takes preventative measures to fortify security. And SFTP means secure document sharing with data encryption and password protection is possible. You can also use and NFC-enables card to delay sensitive documents printing until you release the job.

A3 capability

These models print in sizes up to A3 and are ideal for businesses that regularly require this function as well as organisations that only print A3 every so often.

To find out more about X-Series models watch the video below.

Or explore these models on our website.

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