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Introducing the Pbag – a portable 3D Printer

the pbagIn the world of print, two of the most recent developments that have captured everyone’s interest have been 3D Printing and the way in which the industry has began to catch up with the idea of a cloud-based, remote office.

Of course, 3D Printing has caused a real buzz over the past couple of years – and rightly so, as the possibilities are seemingly endless.  However, it’s the introduction of consumer 3D Printers that has seen the technology become much more widely discussed.  Who wouldn’t want a 3D Printing in their home!?

A remote office with no restrictions is something that many have been working towards for years, though there have always been doubts about how printers would fit into that ideal vision of the future – particularly with their reputation as large, heavy devices stuck in the corner.  Now, though, there’s the ability to send print jobs from mobiles, tablets and the cloud, as well as the actual machines changing in shape and size – there’s plenty of portable printers for any on-the-go workforce.

Now, Italy-based Giuseppe Izzo has come up with an intriguing concept that combines both 3D Printing and the advent of a remote office – introducing the Pbag, a truly portable 3D Printer.

With the Pbag, you are able to print in 3D no matter where you are – bringing 3D Printing into the flexible, remote office world.  Designers and architects can go and visit clients and print the latest plans, you can take it with you to multiple offices and you could even get away from the four walls for some inspiration while you print!

The Pbag is essentially a 3D Printing encased in a portable bag, coming in either leather, fabric or plastic material, but this isn’t just individuals carrying a printer to the next office – the idea of remote working is at the heart of this concept.

Featuring a build size of 250 x 200 x 200h mm, the Pbag can be powered by battery alone for up to 12 hours, as well as allowing for wireless connection and remote management via a smartphone or tablet.  You can also connect to a PC through a USB port, too.

There’s also software available that allows you to completely control the whole 3D printing process, with a micro-camera and an app allowing you to keep track of your prints, even if you’re out of the office.

In a bid to produce the Pbag, Izzo has launced an Indiegogo campaign, which you can pledge to here.

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