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What you need to know about HP printers

There are lots of things to know about HP printers from misconceptions about inkjet printers to HP’s environmental benefits and the advantages of their Jet Intelligence technology. Lets take a look at everything you need to know about HP printers.

Inkjet Printers

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of inkjet printers? That they aren’t reliable? The ink quality is inferior? They’re expensive in the long-run? There are lots of misconceptions surrounding inkjet printing, but let me tell you, they’re all wrong.

HP in particular are extremely passionate about their range of inkjet printers, promising to deliver in four key areas:

Value for Money
Environmental Leadership

HP have put a totally new spin on regular ink, producing new, innovatively-designed cartridges that are better in every single way. Long gone are the days when 40% of the ink cartridge was entirely unusable. Now, these fantastic new cartridges guarantee ultimate efficiency, with a reliability rate of over 95%.

However, in order to get this level of quality, it’s imperative that you use the genuine HP cartridges, and steer away from ‘cheap’ alternatives.

If you’re wondering why I decided to put the word cheap in inverted commas, I will explain this now. So, as with many other things in this life, there are always very attractive cheap alternatives to expensive products. These bargain buys almost always reel us in, tempting us with their pretty prices. However, what most customers don’t consider is the hidden costs that these products fail to tell you about.

Okay, so the ‘visible cost’, is what you actually see when you are buying your ink cartridge. In short, the physical cost of the cartridge itself.

The ‘hidden costs’ on the other hand, refer to the costs that you unknowingly pay after buying a cheap alternative. Here are a few of the hidden costs that you might find after buying cheap inks:

  • Paper waste
  • Wasted time
  • Reliability issues
  • Reprinting
  • Reduced printer life
  • More service calls
  • Toner

When you take it all in, you can see just how many benefits you can actually get from HP inket printers and how they can enhance your print setup –

  • High print quality every time
  • Only the highest quality materials used
  • Impressive print speeds of up to 75 pages per minute
  • Eco-friendly recycling system for a greener workplace
  • Built using the same technology as the HP laser machines
  • Incredible 95% reliability rate meaning reduced waste and costs
  • No hidden costs

HP inkjet printers are fantastic machines that you can rely on time and time again. These machines offer ultimate value for money, high-quality output, reduced energy consumption and much more.

To view our full range of HP InkJet printers, click here now.

Planet Partner

And it’s not just the cost side of things that HP are passionate about, they’re also keen on keeping things green, hence the launch of their own savvy recycling campaign, ‘Planet Partner’.

This closed loop recycling system guarantees that 0% of your ink cartridge packaging goes to land fill – each and every fragment of material is transformed into something else, whether it be a brand new ink cartridge container or even a pen. HP are committed to operating an environmentally friendly system that really works, and the Planet Partner campaign does exactly that.

Jet Intelligence

HP’s Jet Intelligence boasts 53% less energy consumption, 40% faster print speeds, 40% smaller product and 33% more pages than leading competitors – meaning that you get a whole lot of printer for your money. And for added security, these toners boast a ‘smart chip’ – HP’s authentic anti-fraud and print gauge technology. This means that counterfeit toners can be recognised immediately, causing the machine to automatically reject them, and saving you the later hassle of potential permanent damage to your printer, and a host of other problems.

As you can see, HP offer endless possibilities and options when it comes to enhancing your print setup from advanced technology and functionality, to great cost-saving and protecting the environment.

View the full range of HP printers here.


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