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What is HP PageWide Printing Technology

HP PageWide printers are a new range of extremely high speed printers using HP’s new PageWide technology to print at speeds of up to 55ppm. This amazing print speed is achieved by the use of a print head which spans the entire width of the page. So instead of the small print heads we are used to, moving across the page left to right HP PageWide technology just has one print head for each colour that covers the whole width of the page. This means that 1 line of print can be essentially delivered in one go.

How does HP PageWide Technology effect print cost?

The basic answer is that is makes it cheaper.

Gone are the days of inkjets being expensive to run. The new breed of inkjets are all about providing low costs per print and this is especially true of the HP PageWide range.

As well as reduced ink costs compared to laser you also get reduced energy consumption. As you have less moving parts than a laser and you also don’t need as much power as a laser because an inkjet has no need for an inefficient fuser to effectively bind the toner to the page.

What is the Print Quality like?

Now this is probably the area we need to be a little negative about. If you are looking for something to emulate the crispness of a laser printer then you won’t find it with an inkjet. The quality is still great but if you are looking to print documents to impress clients or customers then we would advice you stick with a laser. However, if you want a printer that can print very quickly and economically then go for a PageWide printer, they are great for reports, internal correspondence, handouts etc..

What do the Printers look like?

More Information

Check out our range of HP PageWide Printers

Visit HP’s website to learn more about PageWide Technology

Watch HP’s Video on PageWide Technology

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