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Kodak Wrist Kiosk – would you want a mini printer like this?

Another fine printer-based April’s Fool prank came courtesy of Kodak when they ‘revealed’ their new ‘Wrist Kiosk’.

Described as having “all the functionality of a full size Kodak Picture Kiosk in a compact wearable wrist device”, this had a few people very excited – and fooled – when they heard of the news.

However, it is easy to see why so many were ready to get their orders in for this fake product.  Kodak said that it allowed users to upload photos to the Wrist Kiosk via a micro SD card, USB or bluetooth, with Wi-Fi capability to access photos on Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, too.

Ignoring the fact that it was indeed a well-hatched prank, it certainly is an intriguing concept.  Mobile printers are, of course, available on the market now – though, they’re nowhere near this standard. You can imagine many people being interested in this, particularly the likes of fashion and jewellery designers.

Will it ever happen? With the rapid advancement of technology, I suppose it shouldn’t be ruled out – and, if it does, sign Printerbase up for one!

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