How do I print from my iPad?

Everybody wants to get the most out of their new devices – and it’s no different when it comes to printing from an iPad. This desire to want more from your shiny, new tablet often leads to the inevitable question; how do I print from my iPad?

Here at Printerbase, we want to show you how to print from iPad, as it’s simple, quick and could change the way you look at printing – whether in an office or at home.

Using Apple AirPrint, you can print images, documents, e-mails and web pages and all you need is an iPad – of course – and AirPrint-compatible printer.  From there, you’re ready to print from an iPad…


1) Check that your AirPrint printer is connected to Wi-Fi, along with your iPad

2) Find the image, document or web page that you’d like to print

3) Tap the operation icon – a box with an arrow on it – to display the menu options

how do i print from my ipad

4) In the menu options, tap the print icon to print from an iPad

how do i print from my ipad

5) In the print options, choose your AirPrint printer model that you’d like to use

how do i print from my ipad

6) Choose how many copies you want printing and if you want double-sided prints

7) Tap Print to print from your iPad

8) That’s it – you now know how to print from an iPad!

Hopefully that answers the question of ‘how do I print from my iPad?’ – we told you it was quick and simple!  However, for a much more in-depth and detailed answer to the question of ‘how do I print from my iPad?’, check out our PDF on air print from iPad – click here.

Also, to make the process of printing from an iPad even more easy, we have put together a video on how to print from iPad – check it out below and become an iPad print expert:

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  1. hi – great tips, although if you dont have an airprint printer you can use an app like print n share?

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