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Fujitsu ScanSnap IX1400 Review

Fujitsu ScanSnap IX1400 Review

Here’s the Printerbase Fujitsu ScanSnap IX1400 Review. A great USB only desktop scanner with automatic double-sided scanning capabilities. What makes this worth a purchase though?

ScanSnap IX1400 Quick View

The Fujitsu ScanSnap IX1400 is a great entry point. But with some limitations, we do recommend the ScanSnap IX1600.

Rating: 3/5


ScanSnap IX1400 Standout Features


  • Single Button Design
  • Double-Sided Scanning
  • High Speed
  • Streak And Dust Reduction
  • Scan Receipts, Business Cards And More Up To A4 Sheets
  • Scan A3 With Carrier Sheets (Plastic Envelopes For Broken Documents/Larger Media)
  • Lowest Priced Desktop ScanSnap


  • No Display
  • USB connection only
  • No Cloud Scanning

Making the ScanSnap IX1400 their entry-level desktop scanner. Fujitsu has made it easy to use and accessible to all. While not for everyone, the simplicity of the “One Touch” system, allowing scans to be done directly to a desktop folder with the press of a single button makes this one of the most accessible scanners on the market.

A great scan quality with high speeds up to 40 pages per minute, without factoring in the double-sided capability

Fujitsu ScanSnap IX1400
Fujitsu ScanSnap IX1400 Side View

Part Of The ScanSnap Range

The ScanSnap range is ever-growing. Not only is there the fantastic ScanSnap IX1400 here. There is also the IX1500 and IX1600 respectively with increased features, such as a TouchScreen Control, WiFi, Scan-To-Cloud and higher speeds.

ScanSnap IX1400 Verdict

A great, affordable desktop scanner. The Fujitsu IX1400 is a fantastic entry to the ScanSnap range, with high quality and Duplex scanning but missing some popular features such as the display, and Wireless connectivity loses some points.

If you’re looking for a scanner to stay on your desk, next to the Laptop or PC this would be ideal.
But for the Wireless capabilities and the option to scan from other locations and a mobile, even for Scan-To-Cloud for use with Dropbox, Google Cloud etc. We would recommend checking out the ScanSnap IX1600.

What were your thoughts on our Fujitsu ScanSnap IX1400 review? Let us know in the comments, or other devices you would like to see reviewed.

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