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iBox Nano: the world’s smallest resin 3D printer?

ibox nanoWell, it didn’t take long.  It seems that the first mobile 3D printer is on the verge of release – introducing the iBox Nano, which is thought to be the world’s smallest resin 3D printer.

Created by iBox Printers, the iBox Nano weighs just three pounds and is both small and light enough to simply carry around in your bag – it truly is a portable 3D printer!

Unlike most other 3D printers available on the market currently, the iBox Nano can work without any wires at all – you don’t have to use a USB or power cable!  The iBox Nano is Wi-Fi-enabled – so there’s no need to be tethered to a computer or laptop – and it is also the world’s first battery-powered 3D resin printer, with the battery option lasting for approximately ten hours.

The completely wireless option, paired with the iBox Nano’s silent operation, allows you to print on the go, whether that be in the library, at a friend’s house, or even while having a coffee.

The iBox Nano is incredible simple to use, too – it can be controlled using a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer and only requires access to a browser for you to be able to print.  You don’t need to install any specialised software onto your devices – just start printing in 3D!

The creators discussed the iBox Nano on their Kickstarter page: “We didn’t set out to improve 3D printing, we set out to remove the barriers; to get 3D printers in the hands of everyone. That’s why we have developed the worlds smallest, most affordable and easiest to use 3D Resin Printer.

“Most 3D printers are expensive, large, noisy and complicated. We created the iBox Nano with the home based user in mind. We are now ready to share this technology with you.

“We have been hard at work, and with your help, we’re ready to take the iBox Nano into full-fledged production. By supporting this effort, you’ll be the first to get your hands on an amazing 3D printer AND help usher in a new era of home based 3D printing – an era in which your creative output is no longer limited by price or dauntingly complex machines.”

You can still back the iBox Nano project on Kickstarter – iBox Printers are looking to raise funds for the production of the 3D printer.

Check out the iBox Nano 3D Printer in action below:

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