Epson PaperLab – the in-office paper recycling system

epson paperlabEpson have recently announced that they have developed what they believe to be the very first compact office paper-making system – the Epson PaperLab – which is capable of producing new sheets of paper from shredded waste paper without the use of water.

The technology company have said that they plan to put the new Epson PaperLab into production in Japan in 2016, with sales in other regions yet to be decided.

Businesses that choose to install an Epson PaperLab will be fully capable of producing their own paper of various sizes, thickness and types, from regular office paper to coloured card.

Epson have said that they have created the Epson PaperLab as paper is an essential tool produced from a limited resource, so they wanted to develop technology to change the paper cycle – giving new value to paper and, in turn, increase recycling.

The Epson PaperLab offers a number of things, such as in-house recycling, secure shredding of confidential documents, high-speed production of paper and a completely eco-friendly performance with a dry process.

According to the printer manufacturer, from loading the waste paper and starting the process, the Epson PaperLab can produce a brand new sheet of paper in approximately three minutes.  Around 14 A4 sheets can be produced in a minute, with 6,720 sheets created in an eight-hour day.

In addition, Epson have pointed towards the fact that recycling paper from within the business totally simplifies the recycling loop – resulting in reduced costs and emissions.

“As a leading company in the world of printing, Epson has been deeply involved with paper used for its printer products,” Epson said in their press release.

“With this in mind, the company set out to develop technology that would change the paper cycle. With PaperLab, Epson aims to give new value to paper and stimulate recycling.”

A prototype of the Epson PaperLab will be demonstrated at Eco-Products 2015 in Tokyo from December 10th-12th.

Check out the video below for more information on the Epson PaperLab system: